Extension Planning and Making Space For Our Family

When we moved into our home 9 years ago, it already had approved planning on it. We unfortunately, didn't have enough funds at the time to go ahead with this and the permission lapsed a year or so later. It's always been something that has been on the agenda though and is what we're hoping will make our home the spacious place we need to make it our forever home. 

For us though, the planning wasn't quite what we wanted too. It would have seen us go up into the attic and one side of the roof come off to have dormer windows all down one side. This would mean that the whole of the attic would become accessible and had permission to have a bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe up there. This would have been a vast space and a great master bedroom. 

And although this was what we wanted, we also want to extend the whole house sideways too. This would effectively double the size of our house with the side extension and building up into the attic too. The current livingroom would end up nearly double the size and so there would be a wall put up to make this into 2 rooms, a livingroom and a play room. The kitchen will grow a little bigger so we can have a kitchen-diner and then upstairs, 2 of the bedrooms will grow in size and the bathroom too, meaning we could now fit a separate show in there too. 

For the build upwards, this luckily wouldn't take any space away from the downstairs and our current stairs are in a position that we can then put the second story stairs directly above these without effecting the space of the bedrooms. And of course, the attic would be then near enough the same as the planning we originally had, just a little bit wider now that the house would be bigger. This would give extra space to have an extra room upstairs which would house my office area and reading nuck. 

I mean, this sounds all well and good, but it ends up being a pipe dream as having this huge extension would mean saving for around 8 years just to be able to afford it. And the wouldn't include the cost of the new fixtures and fittings inside once the building is complete.  

We've been trying to help along the way though. When buying online I've been making sure to click through from cashback sites and all the money in them stays there until we need it. And it actually builds up quite well. 

I've also been playing online lotto which I play every week. I'm not expecting to win big any time soon but I do get a little lucky every now and then and it all transfers into our savings account. And you never know, you definitely wont win if you don't play. So there is always that chance of picking up a big win. 

It's a slow burner but we know that eventually, our plans will become a reality, and our house will really be our forever home!


  1. We had each room in our house done up over the years. I sometimes wish we would have moved out and had it all done at the same time!
    You have to weigh up the cost of the work and the disruption against the cost of actually moving to a bigger house I suppose.
    Smaller houses seem to be a lot more expensive these days!

  2. I love watching the shows on T.V love it or list it, it's often cheaper though still expensive to extend than move

  3. Best of luck. I think if you're happy with everything else about where you are, it's really, really worth doing.

  4. It sounds like a huge but we'll worth doing job, good luck with it, I would love a toy room for my children, my son is 13 so isn't too bad but my daughters age 5 and 8 months have way too many toys, I'm dreading Christmas when there will be even more xxx

  5. Wow exciting times
    It will be worth it when you have a DREAM family sized home
    Good luck

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