Creating A Blog Logo In One Simple Step

With blogging, it's done on a huge trial and error basis. Which platform do you use, what layout, colours, fonts. What will you talk about. It's all about finding your own style and sticking with it. But designing a blog can be hard work. For years, I would design my own header logo in Paint and then resize it to fit my blog. 

But when I decided that it needed to be more professional, I started looking around for prices, and it can get pretty expensive. To be honest, I got sick of the constant back and forth having to pick every aspect separately and then see the final item before sending it back for changes. Not only did it get expensive, but it's time consuming too. 

It's time to have a logo but not pay the Earth for it, and that's my tip... Use Logojoy to make your logo. 

If you haven't heard of Logojoy, then I'm here to tell you just how easy and simple it is to use, and create your very own logo, in the shortest amount of time. Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to instantly generate beautiful, unique logo ideas for your business.

And it's so simple. You just input your website name, your favourite type of logo looks, colours, slogans and any icons you might want to include, and the Logojoy will generate loads of different designs for you to look through with your chosen aspects included. 

After you've picked your favourite, you can go through and edit colours, sizes, positions etc to be more specific to your needs. All the way along being able to preview your design on multiple textures such as mobile view, on business cards and notebooks, to see how it stands out in real life. 

This part of the design process is all free to do. You can create and generate as many logos as you like before deciding to buy any. And when you do, the prices are simple:

$20 for the basic low-res logo
$65 for the premium hi-res logo (with different variants, copyright ownership, free changes and downloads of the logo, and much more)
$165 for the enterprise  hi-logo (includes a one hour consultation with a Logojoy designer, a social media kit which includes your logo in all different sizes and shapes to fit, and everything the premium kit includes and more)

The $65 package was perfect for me and meant that I could create the new logo for my YouTube page. I wanted a logo that would give my blog info and be in keeping with my blog design and colour scheme. 

I spent a good hour searching through Logojoy to find the perfect icons, fonts and colours that would work and eventually created my brand new YouTube logo. And I seriously could have spent so much more time going through their designs. It's like a site that could easily steal so much of my time as I just loved editing and searching their designs to make it perfect for me.

So, without further ado, here is my final design for my YouTube channel art.


  1. I love it

    Easier to do than I thought

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