Christmas Gift Guide for Children Under 10

I adore Christmas and have done since I was a child. It's such an important day for children as they are on their best behaviour, waiting for the big man to come a deliver their presents. Opening presents to see what they've got and then spending the rest of the day waiting for parents to build the damn things!

Today I wanted to show what is on offer this year and so this is my 2016 Christmas Gift Guide For children under 10...

Peppa's Sing Along and Learn Microphone | Trends UK | £14.99
Take the mic and join Peppa with the Sing & Learn Microphone. Featuring real voice amplifier and 7 songs from the hit TV show, including Wheels on the Bus, Big Balloon and Peppa Pig's theme song. Then sing without Peppa's help, using the karaoke mode. There's even a quiz mode - answer the questions using the right and wrong buttons on the mic.

Cat Buildin’ Crew Roll ‘n Go | Toy State | £16.99
Brightly coloured, musical mini scale CAT machines are perfect for little hands. Spin the ball for motorized forward and reverse drive, enjoy hours of fun with lights, sound, music and vocals! There are 2 fun characters to collect including; Haulin’ Harry and Powerhouse Pete.

Hape 6 in 1 Guitar | Hape | £29.99
Looks like a guitar, but features six instruments in one, including the drum (with drumsticks), xylophone, two cymbals, guiro, and maraca beads. This percussion guitar is perfect for kids with growing interest in different instruments. With so many sounds and timbres to experiment with, the Guitar Band is excellent resource for young children with an interest in music.

Toddlebike 2 | Toddlebike | £23.95
Compact design with narrow wheels, so young children can learn to steer and balance effectively at their own pace indoors around the home, the Toddlebike is suitable from as soon as confidently walking (usually around 18 months) – long before Toddlers are ready for balance bikes, pedals or scooters but long after they grow out of their baby ride-on toys. Use code BLOG17 and they will automatically deduct 10% off the total. 

Hape Street Surfer | Hape | £69.99
Surf the streets with this innovative wooden kick scooter. Features include extra wide wheel base and skateboard style wooden deck. Quality and thoughtful design make this product ideal for play both inside and outside. Encourage your child to gain in confidence and mobility as they develop their balance and speed skills!

My First Drone | Little Tikes | £34.99
Drones are for kids now too, introducing My First Drone your child’s first lesson in going up, up and away. Using a simple one-touch remote, this little flyer is super easy to take-off, land, turn and stop. The auto-hover technology keep the drone suspended in mid-air for easy flying. LED lights and sounds add even more fun and to ensure maximum playing time, the charge time is quick too!

Road Rippers Style Mini Rush & Rescue | Toy State | £8.50
Be part of the rush to the rescue with these mini versions of popular emergency vehicles. These include push-powered vehicles are first on the scene when help is needed, with lights and realistic sounds for a truly fun play experience. Designs include Fire Engine, Ambulance and Police Car.

Baby Annabell Learn to Swim | Baby Annabell | £49.99
Baby Annabell is learning to swim! Babbling happily, the little water baby splashes, moves her arms and legs when she comes into contact with the water and floats on her back. Includes a towel and inflatable water wings with cute sheep design.

Fingerlings Baby Monkey | Fingerlings | £15
The Fingerlings Baby Monkeys come to life with over 50 animations to let you know how they feel. Your little one will fall in love with these sweet and sometimes silly critters with their realistic monkey sounds, cute blinking eyes and head turns, hands that grip and a curly tail. You can swing them, pet them, hug them, kiss them and rock them to sleep!

Beano Guess Who? | Beano | £19.99
Guess Who is an absolute classic character guessing game, and now you can play with your very favourite Beano characters. Get ready for the ultimate guessing game with all your favourite Beano characters. There are 48 characters to choose from, so the aim is to narrow the possibilities down with the right yes or no questions and find out who your opponent has chosen. Will you choose Beanotown's tech genius Rubidium Von Screwtop (Rubi for short!) or the super-rare Abyssinian wire-haired tripehound Gnasher?

Pop Up Minions | Tomy | £18.99
The classic Pop Up Game has taken a crazy turn with the Minions. Take turns to slide the rocket blasters into the sides of the barrel…Whose rocket will be the first to make the Minion pop out? Start another game by twisting the Minion down again, but remember it will be a different space in the barrel that makes the Minions Pop!

Greedy Granny | Tomy | £19.99
A mischievous game from Tomy that all the family will love. Granny has fallen asleep with all the biscuits on her lap – what a Greedy Granny! Will you risk it for a biscuit? There are 4 types of biscuits on granny’s tray. Careful, one wrong move and you’ll wake Granny and send her teeth flying! Suitable for ages 5 years+.

Slither.io bendable 3-pack | Slither.io | £10.99
60% of British 0-14 year olds have downloaded Slither.io and 124 million games are played a month in the UK and so now you can play with those critters at home with the new Slither.io bendable 3-pack. Featuring one mystery Slither along with two already showing their true colours.

Spinbladez & Tumblstix | Zing | Prices Vary
A favourite amongst children, Spinbladez are a brightly tri-coloured fidget spinner with triple lights effect. Can be stacked with other Spinbladez for extended play! And the Tumblstix is so much fun. Simply give it the slightest touch and it will move forward in a somersault in a smooth and flexible action. Great little stocking fillers that are sure to keep the children busy.  

Air Wars Battle Drone | Air Wars | £79.99
Load your weapons, launch your drone and knock your rival out of the sky. Air Wars Battle Drones comes ready to battle right out of the box with 2 drones, 2 remotes, 10 weapons, 2-3.7v Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries and 2 USB charging cables. Battle Drones takes you from beginner to advanced with 3 speed settings and 4 pre-programmed attack moves - Tornado Attack, 360 Spin Attack, Circle Attack and Ram Attack. Customise your drones with the weapons pack and get ready to knock your rival out of the sky.

Discovery Kids Planetarium | Discovery Kids | £24.99
This Discovery Explore Planetarium globe projects constellations onto the ceiling to show children how the stars move across the night sky. Listen to a commentary about the planets (not part of the light show). Use the light pointer to locate and highlight stars. Includes an amazing CD-ROM with which you can trace stars, planets and constellations and discover where to find them in the sky at any given time. Read about planets, constellations and the legends behind the zodiac signs in the colourful manual.

Havex Machines | Harvex Machines | £11.99
Race. Transform. Battle. Get ready to witness the only vehicle line with automatic transformations with Havex Machines! Race your micro car into the battle pod to reveal your Strike Chopper! For attacks that need heavy firepower and the ability to evade enemy fire, this air machine is perfect.

Awesome Little Green Men | Awesome Little Green Men | £24.99
Awesome Little Green Men is the military collectable that combines blind-boxed soldiers and vehicles with a game play experience. Collect & Play the Battle Game. Only you can unveil their stats to build the strongest troop and win the battle!

Star Wars Storm Trooper Illumi-mate Lighting | B&Q | £6.99
A perfect replica of the Storm Troopers seen in the new movie, it’s bound to be top of the gift list for die hard Star Wars fans! Other choices in the range include: Millenium Falcon, Chewbacca, Kylo-Ren or Darth Vader to cast a moody glow across the bedroom.

Personalised T-Shirts & Bags | Printsome | Prices Vary
Printsome are a fresh & vibrant t-shirt printing agency, based in the UK and have recently expanded to Spain, who make things easy for ordering slogan and personalised clothing and accessories. From pictures, names and images, you can also pick your favourite slogan and even your child's name to fit. Make them as fun and as bold as you like!


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