Christmas Advent Calendars For The Whole Family

That's it, less than one month and we'll all start being able to open our Advent calendars. You know what that means - Christmas is coming!

I adore Christmas and love to go all out for the big day, and the lead up to it. And so finding Advent calendars suitable for the whole family is paramount. Now, we all know that Advent calendars are usually chocolate based, but they don't have to be. 

So, I thought I'd show off my picks of the best Advent calendars for 2017, from alcoholic to chocolate to homely. 

For The Kids

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar, the best way to count down to the most magical day of the year. If you can’t get enough of the delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, this advent calendar will keep the festive excitement growing this holiday season. 

Pokémon Advent Calendar | £2.00
Featuring Pikachu and Poké balls on the front - the chocolate gets chunkier for the last five days to make the build up to Christmas even sweeter. No doubt kids will love the addition of Pikachu on the front, one of the most loved Pokémon characters I'm sure.

For The Adults

A twist on the usual Advent calendar, the Il Gusto calendar comes in the shape of a bottle filled with the spirit of your choice. Each day you have a shot to count down the days. This blood orange and vodka has a delicate bitter fruit aroma which reveals completely is so refreshing. Different flavours and spirits are priced at different rates depending on which is picked.  

Count down to Christmas in style with this amazing advent calendar from our Kiss range. A fab treat is waiting behind every door to keep you pampered all the way to the big day. Part of the Kiss gift range designed exclusively for Wilko. The calendar includes lip gloss, mascara and even nail varnishes - the perfect way to make yourself shine for Christmas. 

The Lakrids Christmas advent calendar is back for another year over at Sous Chef, and it’s just as luxurious as ever. Behind each window you will find an old favourite or a surprising new flavour combination. From chocolate, raspberry and even coffee, all the ingredients have been expertly married with the finest liquorice and comes all the way from one of the finest liquorice producers in Denmark, the home of liquorice.

For The Home

Yankee Candle Advent | £24.99/£34.99
Anticipation and excitement is building... with a twist on tradition, these timeless fragrance gift sets capture the very best of the festive season. Each day you get to try a new scent from the Yankee Candle Christmas range to make your house smell all magical and enticing. 


  1. Oh I think I need the Il Gusto Advent Calendar!! That is brilliant!

  2. I would love the yankee candles one, I'm obsessed with their melts, the vodka one would be cool too xxx

  3. The bottle idea is a stroke of brilliance. For myself, I'd love the Yankee Candle one.

  4. The Pokemon advent calender is brilliant, i would love to have that and i would chose the cudburry chocolate advent calender for the kids as they are great fanatics and obsessed with their melt.

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