Choosing The Right Interior Design Style For You

When it comes to sprucing up your home, choosing between the styles can get confusing. There are many different interior design styles and there is a long list of different styles from which you can draw inspiration. 

For me, my absolute favourite interior design style is Scandinavian. Nordic countries are battered by the elements during the winter, and as a result, the decor of many Scandinavian homes places a greater emphasis on functionality than aesthetics - more commonly known as the hygge effect. 

This style ethos is a little bare for some tastes, but it’s a brilliant option for any small space where every square foot of surface area counts. Brilliant white is a popular colour and choice and solid wood floors to contrast the straight, clean lines on counters and shelves. 

The rustic look can also be great for that cosy rural cottage look.  A rustic look is all about embracing the natural and organic - think wood, handmade, leather, fluffy rugs to give that lived-in impression. Nothing too modern but always a lot of storage to hide away your bits and bobs. 

If I was doing up my kitchen, then I would go for the industrial look. I think you need a lot of space to be able to pull this style off though and that may be a problem in a lot of kitchens. Taking influence from factories and warehouses, you’ll want your walls to display the brickwork, flooring to be the bare wood, it's even better if you can leave the metalwork of your lights exposed and on display. 

But it's not just these styles. You can go transitional with a mix of both old and new which typically takes elements from conventional and traditional aesthetics and meshes them with the sharp style of contemporary decor. Whereas Vintage decor is all about retro nostalgia. Mismatched high quality furniture works well for this and a slightly ragged sofa, crates and barrels would all work for this. 

You could go all out Hollywood glam with all the glamour of a blockbuster movie, or go minimalistic which can make the best of a small space. There are many, many styles to choose from so it's best to look around and find what's your favourite style before you start designing your home. 


  1. I love the rustic and shabby chic look, however my fiance thinks magnolia/ cream is boring xxx

  2. It's hard sometimes to define your own style and find something that you really want to go with. Great post.

  3. Lovely article, thank you. Industrial is a great style. I've seen that in a very small kitchen and I felt that the stripped-back element of it made the room feel bigger, so it can be surprising what works.

  4. Lots of inspiration for me - im considering a total vamp of my living area later this year - cant wait

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