Buying Swimwear When You're Not Body Confident

Finding the right clothing when you're not body confident is hard enough, trying to find the right swimwear is near on impossible. As someone who isn't body confident at all, I know just how hard it is to find swimwear that will be protective and still cover all those lumpy and bumpy parts that some of us don't want to show off.

I recently wrote about how I hate my post-baby body and how it's left me with scar and stretchmarks, not to mention that mum-tum that we all dread. Well, in a few months time we go on our first family holiday abroad and so I've been taking steps to make sure I can wear swimwear and still feel okay in my own skin at the same time.

Swimsuiting It Up
I have many swimsuits and love that nowadays you can can get ones that smooth out your figure such as the amazing Miraclesuit Swimwear that give you a nicer shape, and accentuate those parts of your body that you do love. 

Wrap swimsuits will show off your waist whereas you can get ones that have a full cup and will hold and secure your best assets in place with no chance of escape. Swimsuit dresses are also a good option for those of us that aren't very partial to the tops of our thighs and for if you're struggling to lose weight,

Tankinis Are The Way Forward
Like a swimsuit, these cover up all of those parts of your body that might not like, but come in a 2 piece. I personally love a good tankini as I can still get a cup support to give support to my breasts whilst being able to decide on what bottoms I want to wear. You can get side tie bottoms, swim-skirt and even shorts. 

Pluck Up The Courage And Go For A Bikini
Now this is the one that I am so adamant will happen when we go away. Even though I'm not body confident in myself, I know just how hot it will be abroad and there's also the fact that there wont be able I know out there so it's not as if I should be bothered about what strangers think. 

Collating Them All In One Place
If you've looked around for swimwear then I'm sure you've noticed just how hard it can be to track down. Many different sites to look through and some don't even advertise that they sell swimwear. I've started using Lyst and it's saved me so much time and effort in looking through websites for what I want. 

I can just simply type in what I want, and even be specific such as 'ruched swimsuit' and even 'flyaway tankini' and it will show me what's available in many a store so that I can just simply click through with no bother and no mass amount of searching. 

I've so far picked out a few that I think would be ideal for our holiday. A nice swimsuit dress, a floral tankini, and the dreaded bikini, which I definitely, might, wear...


  1. Great idea I'm the opposite end -skinny Minnie -ive learnt to accept it - always a positive I eat what I want 😁😁😁😁

  2. I to hate my post baby body, I haven't seen a swimsuit dress but would love to get one, although I try to avoid swimming at the moment, I have joined back at the gym and will be starting tomorrow xXx

  3. There is no way I would ever wear a bikini! I've got a sort of swimsuit dress so it hides the fat hips ad top of my legs

  4. I love the idea of a swimsuit dress especially as i've put on a couple of stone due to illness.

  5. Great article, thank you. Tankinis and swimsuit dresses look beautiful in their own right, I think, as does anyone in a bikini. Taking the opportunity to work on your confidence when you're happy and relaxed is a lovely idea. And they're small enough items that you can take a choice, so you can go with whatever you're happiest with on the day.

  6. You are looking great! I love how confident you are.
    I also would love a swim suit dress this would help my confidence alot
    Thank you for sharing