5 Things To Buy In Bulk to Save Money & Reduce Household Waste

I'm sure that just about everyone is looking for ways to save money when shopping, and for me, I've found that one of the biggest ways to save money is if you buy in bulk. Not only does bulk buying cost less in the long run, but it is also a matter beyond cost-savings. 

Many of the products we buy contain packaging that costs money and natural resources to make. Some of this packaging is immediately thrown away once purchased which creates extra waste for landfills. and so if you can buy in bulk, you often eliminate the need for so much packaging.

And not only does this need for less packaging cost less money, but it has a positive impact on the environment. Here are five items to consider buying in bulk to save money and reduce household waste:

Hair care and personal products
Why buy six bottles of shampoo over a couple of months, (and in six different packages) when you can buy a bottle of shampoo from Capital Hair & Beauty, in bulk at one time and in one package? And just because you're going bulk doesn't mean you can't go for your favourite brands - Bed Head, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Macadamia and L'Oreal Professionnel are all available in big bottles so you can still have that luxurious quality for every wash. Wholesalers such as Capital allow you to by your usual brand in a salon style for minimal extra cost.

You can also save on packaging and money choosing to purchase the larger container of conditioner, toothpaste or soap. Even toilet paper is consistently listed as an item you should buy in bulk to save money and bigger packs usually have better special offers too. 

Cleaning supplies
Buying the biggest pack of washing powder, dishwashing liquid or other common cleaning supplies almost always saves money, and packaging too. You can also look for concentrated products which are even better as they pack much more of the product into less space.

Vitamins and supplements
It’s often much cheaper to purchase the big bottle of unbranded vitamins that will last you the entire year than purchasing multiple smaller bottles just because they're branded or feature your child's favourite character. Unbranded vitamins and supplements can be picked up at the local pharmacy for a fraction of the cost. 

Stationery supplies
Why buy a single pen in a single box for a lot more cost per unit, when you can buy a multi-pack of pens in one larger box. And there are dozens of other common office products that offer the same bulk savings. When you have kids, purchasing colouring, painting and paper items in bulk is always a good idea as it means you'll always have spares for when the pencils start going missing. 

Food is probably the best way in which you can buy in bulk and save money and packaging. Stuffs such a pastas and rice can be bought in huge packs. And what's more, you can make meals up in bulk too and then freeze them for when you need them, saving time in the future too. 


  1. I do most of these already I figure I'd rather spend a pound or two extra and get double the product xxx

  2. Sarah Ann Roberts23:42

    Great tips! really makes you think, Will definitely think before buying packing now and go for bigger bottles to last longer

  3. Great article, thank you. I hadn't considered bulk-buying stationery, but that is a very good idea. I bulk-buy laundry liquid, which comes in a boxed bag with a tap. I like the environmentally friendly stuff, and it's so much better buying it that way, due both to the saving and to having no bottles to recycle. Laundry liquid bottles take up so much room, it's ridiculous.

  4. Don't like buying in bulk as I found that when I buy when needed I spend less. Unless of there is a huge saving.

  5. I'm a great believer in bulk buying -does save a fortune over the year