The JYSK Feel The Happiness Survey - The UK is getting Happier

You'll remember that recently, I asked you all the question 'What makes you happy at home?' and you guys didn't disappoint with your answers. In total, over 30,000 people responded to this question when asked by myself and other bloggers who are involved with the Feel The Happiness survey. 

Well, today I wanted to share the results of that survey...

And apparently the UK is getting happier, thanks to the Hygge effect. According to the new Feel The Happiness survey*, this is down to adopting the Scandi art of Hygge in our homes. Scandinavians consistently dominate the top of the world happiness table and now Scandinavian home company JYSK reveals a link to the Hygge effect – pushing the UK’s rise up the global happiness charts.

Happiness at Home Top 20: it’s all about People, Pets, Place and Pyjamas

According to the survey the UK’s love of pyjamas sees fleecy nightwear fully adopted into the Hygge home experience. The UK is happiest cuddling on the sofa in a clean and tidy home with all of their favourite people (and pets) and things in one place. And if we’re wearing pyjamas while we’re cuddling... then the happiness is complete. 

Playing with the kids also hits the top of the happiness at home table just above a love of our own beds, clean sheets and rare moments of ‘me time’ – once the kids have gone to bed of course!

We are, says JYSK’s ‘Feel the Happiness’ Report, utterly devoted pyjama-wearers. And I can totally relate to that. Not just me, but whenever my husband gets home from work, he puts his pyjamas on. It's just like an end to the working day and now you can relax in something that makes you feel comfortable. 

JYSK, the Danish-owned global brand selling everything for your home, devised the survey to celebrate the opening of its 2,500th store internationally - and the Scandinavians know a thing or two about happiness. Year on year the Scandinavian countries dominate the top of the table for the world’s happiest nations. They put it down to a combination of things; one of them is Hygge.

World Happiness League Table
   2017                    2013-15
1. Norway           1. Denmark
2. Denmark        2. Switzerland
3. Iceland            3. Iceland
4. Switzerland    4. Norway
5. Finland            5. Finland
19. UK                  23. UK

Hygge is the Scandinavian practice of making calming, peaceful, comfortable and beautiful spaces at home. And it seems to be having a positive effect in the UK. Hygge has gathered a huge following in British homes and we’re definitely feeling happier for it.

The new JYSK survey found that fairy lights, candles, softer accent lighting and real fires are important contributors to creating a relaxing environment. Just like our Scandinavian cousins, we are looking at lighting; greater use of natural and softer materials and appreciating time spent interacting with loved ones.

Family film nights, reading, cuddling pets on the sofa during box-set TV-series marathons (in pyjamas of course!) were also highlighted as activities that see people happiest at home. And I totally get why - my best days are when I'm at home, spending time with my family. 

Soft furnishings, throws, cushions and slippers were also important but having a clean and tidy home with plenty of well-thought out storage and was one of the top listed. Storage is a big one in my house as the home always looks better when all the clutter and toys are hidden away. 

The British top 20: what makes us happiest at home.

1. Clean and tidy house – everything in its place
2. Favourite people and things all in one place
3. Pets – snuggling with cat/dog on the sofa
4. Playing with the kids
5. Our own bed with clean sheets and particularly when it’s raining outside
6. ‘Me time’ after kids' bedtime
7. Fairy lights and candles/soft lighting/natural lighting
8. Darker nights making it cosier inside, snuggling on sofa with throws & cushions
9. A real fire
10. Grandchildren over for games & cuddles
11. Partner cooking dinner
12. Pyjamas/bedtime
13. Night in DVD, family , chocolate
14. Home cooking/smell of
15. Sofa, throws, cushions, family
16. Reading in a comfortable armchair
17. Cuddling on sofa
18. Family and friends meals/relaxing
19. Pyjama TV box set ‘binge’
20. Time with pets and kids

Scandi style is growing in popularity thanks to its calming neutrals and natural materials and there is a marked trend in people including unique furniture pieces that draw the eye. All of these things make our homes our own and contribute to our wellbeing. As well as Family photos and children’s artwork that generate smiles and happy memories. 

Ticking off the 'to-do' list is also up there, along with finding a rare space on the sofa and home-birds that are happy as soon as they get through the front door also featured. Playing the ukulele and ‘the three teddies that live on my bed’ also got a mention from individuals describing their ultimate happy time at home.

The 2017 world happiness report showed Norway, Denmark and Iceland in the first, second and third places. Finland and the Netherlands were in fifth and sixth (after Switzerland in fourth). The UK is at number 19, rising from number 23 – JYSK, which now has 15 stores here, was interested to note that the rise of happiness at home is mostly attributed to the Hygge elements beloved and enjoyed in Scandinavia. To find out more about Hygge and Scandi style visit www.JYSK.co.uk.

*JYSK analysed a sample of 1,000 taken from an engagement of 30,000 around its Feel the Happiness initiative. The sample is from across the UK’s nations and regions, collected from followers of leading home and family bloggers.


  1. Some interesting statistics, I love curling up on the sofa in my PJs too, when my children are in bed sleeping, although by the time there asleep I usually fall asleep on the sofa for an hour before waking up and going to bed myself xXx

  2. Seems the simple pleasures in life give us the most joy
    I'll second that !!

  3. Couldn't agree more with this, we love JYSK too. It's probably my favourite homeware store at the minute and they totally have hygge right!

  4. A clean and tidy home makes such a difference doesn't it - I know I feel much happier when everything is in order!

  5. I feel like I have definitely become happier!

  6. That's interesting to read. I'm not surprised that the UK are so far down the list

  7. What an interesting list. Numbers 1 and 3 are also tops for me but I would say that number 2 should read Favourite people and things all safe and well.

    Sunshine obviously doesn't make people happy since most of the happiest countries are north of the UK.

  8. I cannot tell you how happy a clean and tidy house makes me! x