The Hotel Chocolat School Of Chocolate at Roast+Conch, Leeds

It's not often I'm invited to events that we can actually get to and so when Hotel Chocolat got in touch and asked if T, C and I would like to visit their Roast+Conch branch in Leeds City Centre, I knew we could move things around to pay a visit. I mean, Hotel Chocolat is the type of chocolate I dream about, so I couldn't say no, could I!

The boys were invited to the Hotel Chocolat children's chocolate workshop in their School of Chocolate. (J was too young as the workshop is suitable for children aged between 5 to 13 years). The entertaining Children's Chocolate Workshops are a really fun way to learn about cocoa and chocolate.

The Chocolate Workshop is based all around learning about chocolate and being taught how to make, and decorate chocolate, with some chocolate tasting adding in too!

On arrival, the kids and I were offered drinks whilst we waited for the workshop to start and then, following a brief introduction, the boys were talked through how our cocoa is grown, all about cocoa seeds and they even had a tour of the chocolatier’s station where they got to see the conch getting to work in making the chocolate. 

The boys were fascinated about how chocolate is made and were astounded when they realised that all chocolate had to be tempered before being the luxurious chocolate that we see and get to eat. The amazing chocolatier even demonstrated tempering to the kids, whizzing his tools around the molten chocolate that was adorned on the marble surface.  

Back upstairs to the workshop, the boys got to work designing and decorating their own chocolate slab and lolly each whilst sipping on some caramel hot chocolate (which was amazing!).

When we visited, the workshop was Halloween themed and meant that as well as all the other bits and bobs that could be added to the chocolate slab for decoration (marshmallows, choc nibbles, white chocolate, etc etc) there were also solid chocolate vampires too.

After finishing the workshop, the boys were treated to a goodybag which included their certificate to say they had completed their chocolate workshop. Attendees of the Hotel Chocolate children's chocolate workshop also get 10% off in store on the day so we made use of that and went downstairs to get some nice treats for J (and me too!)

Overall, the Hotel Chocolate children's chocolate workshop was such a great experience for the boys. As well as being fun and who doesn't love making and eating chocolate, the kids got to learn something about chocolate and exactly how much hard work goes into making it. 

And if you want to book the Hotel Chocolate children's chocolate workshop, it's only £20 per child and includes everything we got to experience in both the Cocoa Vaults, Covent Garden and Roast+Conch, Leeds. 


  1. Looks like a fun day out!

  2. looks great will have to take my daughter here

  3. What a fantastic day out

  4. Oh that looks like really great fun. My kids would love it! They do love chocolate and this is a fantastic way of finding out how its made!

  5. That looks like such good fun!

  6. Looks fab. Thanks so much for the idea for Christmas.

  7. Oooo go on then -youve got my attention! CHOCOLATE and fun
    What could be better

  8. I love hotel chocolat chocolates, I would have loved this just like you and your children, if it was my children they would have eaten more than they made xXx

  9. What a awesome and memorable experience. Sounds just lovely and everyone is smiling.

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    Margaret Clarkson
    It sounds so lovely!