Starting The Great Christmas Wrap

I seriously cannot believe we are only 2 month away from Christmas. This year seems to have flown by. I can still remember sitting down, around this time last year, and wrapping all the presents before trying to find places to hide them until Christmas Eve.

As a person who loves Christmas, I also enjoy anything to do with it too. Wrapping presents if one of my favourite things to do. In fact, last year I even wrapped my mums presents for her as I just love doing them so much. 

For me, it's an enjoyable experience, and all part and parcel of Christmas time. I wait patiently until the boys go to bed, put on some Christmas tunes and then pour a nice drink that I've got from Just Miniatures, usually a Christmassy one that totally gets me into the spirit. 

I then get my wrapping groove on. Pretty wrap, colourful ribbons, poufy bows and lots and lots of sellotape. For me, it's like a peaceful time. I can wrap and listen to tunes, and have a drink - it's bliss!

For me, it's like how other people like jigsaws - they search for pieces and put them in the correct position, and I fold paper, find the right sizes and try a bit of origami to get some of the different shapes and sizes all covered in bright and glittery paper. 

And I mean, you can create some of the most amazing presents ever without even having to see what's inside the package. I love cylindrical items as it means that I can make them look like Christmas Crackers which the kids absolutely love - although Santa does take the credit obviously!

Now I'm just sat here wondering how early is too early to put the kids to bed so I can get my wrap on! Do you love wrapping Christmas presents, or are you a Christmas Grinch?


  1. I'm sort of a combination. I enjoy the planning, and how beautiful wrapping adds to a gift, but actually doing it always takes longer than I expect, which I do not appreciate!

  2. Catherine Furness16:01

    I love wrapping too! If I am organised enough then I like make a start on Bonfire night because for me it marks the countdown to the big day!!

  3. Although I enjoy giving, I find Christmas rather overhyped and tiresome. I guess that makes me a Christmas Grinch. Having said that, I have started my shopping this weekend so am feeling rather pleased with myself.

  4. I start with good intentions and with a large Baileys. You can alway tell which presents I've wrapped first as they are neat and have crisp edges. However, time goes on and the Baileys is topped up and paper are definitely more haphazard and thrown in the paper.

  5. Already!!!
    I'm at the planning stage
    Wrapping comes much later
    I do love a beautiful packaging-sadly time constraints mean Bags or tissue wrap

  6. It does take a lot longer than you think it's going to! My wife and I do it together, apart from each others presents of course!

  7. This year has gone so quickly. Cabt believe we are discussing the festive season already

  8. This year has gone so quickly. Cabt believe we are discussing the festive season already

  9. A nicely-wrapped present always makes the gift seem special

  10. I've got to say, I hate wrapping presents, but my partner loves it! (He also likes shopping and I don't, we're the wrong way round!)

  11. After 13 years of wrapping for my children I don't mind it at all, intact it gets me excited for Christmas when I start wrapping, although I'm always a late shopper so don't have anything to wrap at the moment, I usually spend December ordering online and shopping like a mad woman before wrapping the week before Xmas, we have just moved and our new home has no storage so I'm going to have to leave everything til last minute this year xXx


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