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As you all know, I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment. Well, I don't know whether I'd actually call it a health kick. I'm having fun at the gym and taking time to eat better and make sure my body is getting everything it needs.

You know what's hard though?... Dieting. 

Calorie counting, preparing good foods, being conscious of what you're eating, it all takes time. And being a busy mum to 3 children, it's time that I don't have. I like to have everything ready, easy meals that can be made quickly for myself. 

So when So Shape got in touch and asked if I'd like to give their Remove! 14 Day Challenge a try, I said why not! "In 2 weeks, lose fat and keep your muscles without having to think about what to eat every day. The Remove! 14 Day Challenge is a healthy and perfectly balanced diet that will help you get thinner and get toned up" - that's what So Shape say anyway!

What's in the Remove! 14 Day Challenge?
30 Smart Meals (many different flavours and types available), a Shake and a booklet. So Shape Smart Meals contain everything you need to lose weight. You can choose sweet flavoured shakes, iced frappes, hot meals and even soups in your pack and there are loads to choose from. 

As well as the challenge meal plan, I was also sent a Smart Food Club box which is packed full of breakfast meals and tasty snacks to keep you going through the day. Zero sugar, zero bad fat, enriched in protein, high in fibre, without some allergens and 100% French. 

What's in the Smart Food Club box?
Like the challenge box, you can choose what you want inside your Smart Food Club box. 7 different items from pancakes, muffins, muesli and mug cakes. Deliciously filling to not fall prey to your snacking moods.

When it all arrived I was in foodie heaven with all the choices. I was sent some gorgeous shakes and some yummy sounding meals as well as some lovely looking snacks and all the instructions for each one. 

How did I get on?
I must say, when I saw the original portion sizes, I was a bit worried. I was sure that after the meals I would end up hungry and snacking in no time. But that wasn't the case. The meals are pasta based so are very filling, the pasta spicy bolo being my favourite. They were so easy to prepare with a little water and some time in the microwave and were ready to eat in minutes. 

The shakes are also very hefty and very filling. The speculoos one is absolutely amazing and it had little bits of real biscuits inside it to give even more texture and flavour. I didn't think that having a shake for lunch would be very appealing, but it was surprisingly filling and meant that I didn't walk around all day feeling bloated from a big meal. 

Now with the Smart Meals, you are supposed to have 2 of their meals (shake, meal, frappes or soups) and then one healthy meal. I made sure that each day I got a nice rounded meal to complement the So Shape meals that I was consuming. 

And then for snacks. When ever the hunger came, I tried one of the Smart Food snacks. The pancakes are nice and very aerated. I liked that you could add some of the Smart Chocolate chips into the mix to give the pancakes a chocolate flavour. 

The muesli was lovely for when I fancied a filling breakfast and both the Red Berries and Chocolate version were scrumptious to eat and gave a new texture to the meal choices. For me, even though the Smart Mug Cakes were simple to make, they were a little stodgy, or maybe that was my cooking skills!

The Results!
So, how did I get in over the two week course of trying So Shape meals and snacks? Very well indeed. Throughout the two week period, I never felt hungry - I always had just the right amount of food to sustain my need for food. 

I don't weigh myself at all so I couldn't tell you how much I lost during this time, but for me, I have noticed a difference, just in the fact that my gym leggings keep falling down whilst I'm running! But it's not just about my weight. I feel better. I feel nourished. I was feeling fuller for longer. I felt like I had more energy. 

I would say that it's definitely a meal plan that I use again as I always felt like I'd had the right amount of food and was never left hungry like other diet plans.

And you can enjoy twice as many flavors with the custom option included on 14 and 28 days Challenge if you use: CUSTOMYORKSHIREMUMMY


  1. Sounds yummy
    It's not always about the weight
    Feeling great is the main

  2. That sounds like a great one to try, thanks for the review! Diet foods have come a long way and some can be very tasty.

  3. It sounds weird to congratulate someone for their leggings falling down but, er, congratulations!

  4. Looks great and yummy. Best of luck on your journey.

  5. I haven't heard of these before, but they look fantastic, I can't shift my baby weight since having Mollie nearly 7 months ago, but instead of eating healthy I just skip meals which isn't good xXx

    1. skipping meals won't work I have always done that i started having 3 healthy meals a day n snack on fruit and have lost over 2 stone in 2 months if you dont have time to cook try natural yoghurt with frozen berries for breakfast i add a teaspoon of honey sometimes to sweeten it aswell

  6. Ashleigh Allan13:24

    Sounds really good

  7. These look great, they sound very tasty too. Well done on the two week course, sounds like it really worked for you.

  8. These sound very good

  9. Looks yummy hope it works for you :)

  10. I am on a healthy eating kick aswell at the moment starting my 3rd month tomorrow and have found eating healthy has boosted my energy levels.Feel much better my fav thing to eat at the moment is natural yoghurt topped with frozen berries and sometimes a teaspoon of honey

  11. I am doing slimming world, I found the more I eat of the right food, the more I lose!

  12. Very interesting to read, it is difficult to lose weight & not put it back on again

  13. I am trying to lose weight again but I find after a while it seems to get harder to lose weight

  14. We keep our weight stable by following simple rules, like, chips once a week only! No takeaways! No food after 6pm! No snacking except for 2 afternoon biscuits! Veggie pasta dish on Mondays! Chicken breast salad on Tuesdays!
    Rest of the week is pre-planned before the weekly shop. Seems to work for us!

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  16. They sound good

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