Home And Garden Security

Whether you're a home owner or a tenant, home security is super important to protect your property, especially if you have a vast amount of high quality furnishings and electronics. Crime is an unfortunate fact of life in our society, and thieves are becoming increasingly savvy. It is incredibly important to secure your belongings.

There are a number of ways you can protect your property from becoming another statistic and how to ensure that your property remains safe from the unwelcome attention of any intruders who may have designs on your possessions.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Locked
It may surprise you to know that most burglaries actually take place in daylight hours, typically between 10am and 3pm, and can be completed in less than ten minutes by an experienced thief. And you know why? Because they see an open window and it's like a gold mine to them. 

It's worth making sure you lock all windows and doors before leaving your property. It is also well worth investing in some kind of visible home security system so that undesirables see that an alarm or CCTV is on the property and they will turn their attentions elsewhere.

Garden Burglaries
It isn’t just the interior of homes that are at risk of burglary - gardens can also be a hugely appealing target for thieves. The average garden will be filled with power tools and other appliances that can be sold to a waiting market as well as garden furniture which is always sought after. 

Garden thefts have actually increased in recent years with as many as 1 in 7 homes have been subject to a theft from their garden, including us. Someone waltzed into our garden (whilst we were in the house) and stole a lawnmower and strimmer, just like that. Gone in a instant. 

It's important to keep expensive items locked away and out of view. And for items such as garden furniture, it is strongly advisable to invest in furniture covers for your outdoor seats, benches and tables, as these will ensure that a thief cannot see the pickings that are on offer at a glance. You can even bolt furniture down to ensure no one can make off with it. 

We also recently invested in a high fence. This means that it's harder for someone to enter our property and harder for them to see our wares from the outside. Rattan Direct recently wrote a post about a post about home and garden security and I'm sure this will be of help to give advice on protecting your property from unwanted visitors. 


  1. It's surprising how we always protect our house -maybe it's time to add more security to our garden too

  2. That's shocking 1 in 7 although with easier access to gardens it shouldn't come as such a surprise, I have two outdoor sheds with two padlocks on so hopefully no one can get into them, and as for my home I don't think it would ever feel like home again if I was unlucky enough to be burgled, we have just moved home and it is a lovely quiet street where all the neighbours look out for each other, I've seen an increase in van thefts in our town, my brother in laws work van got towed a mile up the road into a lane and they emptied of all his power tools a few months ago xXx

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