7 Reasons Why Smokers Should Switch to Vaping

There is much confusion in regard to vaping in general and the information out there does little to aid that confusion for first-time vapers who are inquisitive about it. Plenty of people have now started looking at it as an alternative to smoking as well, while others are just willing to give vaping a try. In case you are one of the former and you are wondering if there really are any valid reasons as to why you should switch to vape pens from cigarettes, consider the following points.

Vaping is Less Harmful
While it cannot be said with assurance that vaping is 100% harmless, there is absolutely no doubt that it is significantly less harmful than smoking. The main reason as to why cigarettes are so harmful is hidden not in the stimulant (nicotine) but the “smoking” process itself. Smoking is basically a form of smoke inhalation which puts tar in your lungs and the entire respiratory system, because it is an unavoidable byproduct of the combustion process. None of those carcinogenic byproducts enter your system from vaping because the vapor you inhale only contains the stimulant. There is no tar or similar harmful byproducts associated with vaping simply because of the fact that there is no burning involved and consequently, no smoke is formed either.

Vaping doesn’t Affect Your Looks
A longtime regular smoker can easily be identified, thanks to the ugly yellowing/discoloration of the fingertips, nails and even teeth, signifying residual tar. Once again, the non-combustive nature of the vaping process makes sure that the teeth, nails and fingertips of the vapers are not affected in any way. In fact, premature ageing associated with heavy smoking is a non-existent phenomenon for vapers.

Vaping Can Help You Quit
Apart from the psychological aspect of smoking, there is just one real physical attraction that keeps smokers glued to their cigarettes and that’s nicotine addiction. E-liquids inside vape pens can have as much or as less nicotine as you want, therefore, taking care of any nicotine urges that every smoker experiences on trying to quit. Unlike cigarettes though, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your vape pen to get rid of your nicotine dependence completely over time. Begin with something simple like a starter kit, which is easy enough to be used comfortably by even the first time vaper.

Vaping is Better for Everyone Around You
If you are a smoker, you will eventually end up making people around you inhale the toxic cigarette smoke and as it has been proven time and again, passive smoking is even more dangerous. Be it your friends, your family or just strangers, each time you light a smoke near them, you are contributing to the deterioration of their health. There are no such problems associated with vaping because as explained earlier, there is no smoke or tar to worry about, thereby cutting out the term passive “smoking” itself from the equation.

There is No Hard After-Smell
Smoking doesn’t exactly leave a pleasant after-smell and while heavy smokers may like it, most people don’t. Aside from the mouth and the hands, even your clothes and hair begin to smell like cigarette smoke after a few rounds. Vaping too may leave an after-smell, but it’s always going to be a sweet smell, often similar to candy. Some e-liquids don’t even leave that.

It is More Cost-effective
The cost-effectiveness will vary depending on the particular vape juice in question but they are always going to be cheaper than cigarettes and by a big margin. The only investment necessary in order to switch to vaping is the money required to buy a good vape pen and given that some e-liquids can be as much as five times cheaper than cigarettes, you will save up enough money to cover for that in no time. Eco Vape are a leading UK supplier of e-Liquids & vaping hardware.  They are a proud UK manufacturer of e-liquids ensuring the finest quality and flavours. As well as their online vape store they also have a chain of retail stores across the Midlands. They have assisted many customers transition from smoking to vaping & offer starter vape kits with everything included you will need for a pleasurable vaping experience.

Vaping is Eco-Friendly
One of the worst habits smokers have is that of throwing their cigarette butts into rivers, gutters, drains and other places, which is a serious environmental hazard in itself. Vape pens last really long and they are completely recyclable when it is indeed time to change to a new one. The vapors also don’t contribute to air pollution in any way.

In truth, vaping is the solution to the world’s smoking problem that we had been seeking for decades. It will still take a while before a greater population is capable of comprehending how it beats traditional smoking in every aspect. Nevertheless, the smarter generations have already started to make the switch and the future is indeed looking a lot less smoky!


  1. Totally agree -even the dentist noticed the difference today

  2. I really must try it.... I never ever throw my cigarette ends away though. I hate that. Seeing cigarette ends all over the place really gets my goat!

  3. Great article, thank you. I think one of the things about smoking that's really hard to give up is the physical action; having something to do with your hands and the sensation of taking a drag. Vaping must be very, very helpful in that respect too.

  4. I had no idea there was an alternative to smoking I dropped the habit like ten years ago so I got into mentoring addicts kindly share more material on vapping that would really help my course Michaela