Deciding On An Outfit For A Wedding Of A Different Culture

If you have been invited to a wedding you should feel privileged! You’ve been selected as someone that the happy couple want to share their big day with. But what do you wear? Choosing a guest outfit for a wedding in the UK is hard enough, but what about if you’ve been invited to a wedding of a different culture? Together with Charles Tyrwhitt, retailers of timeless menswear, we look at how the dress code of a wedding changes depending on the background of the newlyweds.


Home And Garden Security

Whether you're a home owner or a tenant, home security is super important to protect your property, especially if you have a vast amount of high quality furnishings and electronics. Crime is an unfortunate fact of life in our society, and thieves are becoming increasingly savvy. It is incredibly important to secure your belongings.

There are a number of ways you can protect your property from becoming another statistic and how to ensure that your property remains safe from the unwelcome attention of any intruders who may have designs on your possessions.


My Fitness Essentials To Help Along The Way

If you're in to fitness then you know that losing weight, or toning up, isn't just about exercising or going to the gym and that's it. As well as thinking about your eating habits and how you are the rest of your day movement wise, I always find that it's good to that you have items that help you along the way.

I mean, I go to the gym 3 times a week, train with dumbbell weights and go swimming once a week, but in between then, I can't see how well I'm doing (or not doing) and how the rest of my day effects my fitness levels. That's why I use a fitness tracker. The TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker is what I use daily to help with every aspect of my daily life and fitness. 


The JYSK Feel The Happiness Survey - The UK is getting Happier

You'll remember that recently, I asked you all the question 'What makes you happy at home?' and you guys didn't disappoint with your answers. In total, over 30,000 people responded to this question when asked by myself and other bloggers who are involved with the Feel The Happiness survey. 

Well, today I wanted to share the results of that survey...

And apparently the UK is getting happier, thanks to the Hygge effect. According to the new Feel The Happiness survey*, this is down to adopting the Scandi art of Hygge in our homes. Scandinavians consistently dominate the top of the world happiness table and now Scandinavian home company JYSK reveals a link to the Hygge effect – pushing the UK’s rise up the global happiness charts.


Win | The Creepy Hand Game From Megableu

Looking for Halloween entertainment for the family? Creepy Hand from Megableu will send shivers up your spine! Watch with trepidation as the full size, ghoulish green hand creeps around the table and points a bony hand at one of the players. Who will face a ‘Truth or Dare’ question?

Are you ready for Creepy Hand, the scary take on Truth or Dare? The picked player must then choose a card – truth, dare or forfeit! Look out for the Joker cards – players can pass up their challenge and make another player carry it out!


The Hotel Chocolat School Of Chocolate at Roast+Conch, Leeds

It's not often I'm invited to events that we can actually get to and so when Hotel Chocolat got in touch and asked if T, C and I would like to visit their Roast+Conch branch in Leeds City Centre, I knew we could move things around to pay a visit. I mean, Hotel Chocolat is the type of chocolate I dream about, so I couldn't say no, could I!

The boys were invited to the Hotel Chocolat children's chocolate workshop in their School of Chocolate. (J was too young as the workshop is suitable for children aged between 5 to 13 years). The entertaining Children's Chocolate Workshops are a really fun way to learn about cocoa and chocolate.


Starting The Great Christmas Wrap

I seriously cannot believe we are only 2 month away from Christmas. This year seems to have flown by. I can still remember sitting down, around this time last year, and wrapping all the presents before trying to find places to hide them until Christmas Eve.

As a person who loves Christmas, I also enjoy anything to do with it too. Wrapping presents if one of my favourite things to do. In fact, last year I even wrapped my mums presents for her as I just love doing them so much. 


Stoptober - Can You Quit Smoking For One Month?

Smoking... It's something that people used to find 'cool' and I'm sure almost everybody has tried it at least once. As we are well aware now though, smoking is not cool. Smoking is harmful, very harmful.

Every year I see Stoptober come by and see how much this one month can help so many people. In fact, more than 1 million people have quit thanks to Stoptober, and that's amazing!


BakerLou, Turning 30 and The Impractical Jokers!

I'm not usually one to celebrate my birthday but last week I turned 30 and I decided to treat myself a little bit. You see, I'd been following BakerLou for ages now and had been loving to look of her cakes. So earlier in the year I commissioned her to make my very own 30th Birthday cake. 

After many messages and choices, we'd agreed on a chocolate cake with a coffee cream and Malteasers as a topper on it. I couldn't wait! In fact, I order it so long ago that it just seemed to take forever for my birthday to come around. 

The Best Sightseeing Places To Visit In Majorca

If you've never visited Majorca then you really are in for a surprise when you get these. Majorca isn't just a Spanish holiday place - it's known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains. You'll often find it among most popular Spain tour packages.

Although you can go there for the sun, the sand and the sangria, it is more than just a holiday destination. It might just be a small island in the Med but the sights here are some of the most stunning I have seen. 

7 Reasons Why Smokers Should Switch to Vaping

There is much confusion in regard to vaping in general and the information out there does little to aid that confusion for first-time vapers who are inquisitive about it. Plenty of people have now started looking at it as an alternative to smoking as well, while others are just willing to give vaping a try. In case you are one of the former and you are wondering if there really are any valid reasons as to why you should switch to vape pens from cigarettes, consider the following points.


Make Life Easier with the 'Flic' of a Button

As a blogger and someone that works online and on my phone a lot, I love finding ways to save time when working. It's hard to manage my time when I have deadlines to meet and all those little tedious tasks take an age to complete so I end up behind.

The one part of blogging I hate is editing. Not so much images as I can do the most of them from my phone, but videos. There's nothing worse than having to press play whilst filming on my phone and then running across the room to get into position for the shoot. That all then needs editing out and that's what takes forever. Constantly going back and forth to the camera to stop and start recording.


I Hate My Post-Baby Body, and I Resent That I Do

Many women, like myself, are left with scars, stretch marks, and loose skin after giving birth. It's a reality that women themselves often try to hide and the media never wants to show. After having three children I can say that I have very low self-esteem and regularly wear clothing that hides my lumps and bumps.

I mean, we're all told that we should be proud of our bodies, that we should wear our tiger stripes with pride. But when you're a mum and you've done the whole baby thing, and your children start to get older, you start to resent how much your body has changed.

Win a Bottle of Iordanov Vodka from 31Dover

This month sees Halloween arrive and we all get to dress up in our most scary get up and scare the living daylights out of trick or treaters - or that's what I do anyway! To help us adults get into the spirit of things, the fab guys from over at 31 Dover have given me a bottle of Iordanov Vodka to give away to one lucky winner.

Iordanov Mexican Vodka is just quality in every sense of the word. It is an extraordinarily smooth vodka encompassed in a bottle that looks as beautiful as it tastes - with a scary touch to it. Made from 100% fine wheat this Vodka achieves an astonishing purity through a 5 time distillation process with demineralised crystal clear water from the Vogelsberg highlands in Germany.


J's Adventures with the Kiddimoto Scrambler Balance Bike

I think getting outdoors, come rain or shine, is so important and so as a family, we try to get outdoors as much as possible. The boys adore anything wheeled and so we love getting the bikes out and going for a ride.

For J, it was always hard as he is too young to ride with pedals and so we started looking around for a suitable balance bike so that he could join in too. Kiddimoto is the UK’s original balance bike company and they have a huge range of balance bikes to teach children balance and the coordination skills necessary to prepare them for a lifetime of cycling without the need for stabilisers.


So Shape | Get In Shape The Healthy Way

As you all know, I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment. Well, I don't know whether I'd actually call it a health kick. I'm having fun at the gym and taking time to eat better and make sure my body is getting everything it needs.

You know what's hard though?... Dieting. 


Our VTech Tour De Trike Route in Leeds

Getting out and about with children is so important. Being outdoors, going on adventures and exploring your surroundings, not only is it great for moral but it can be educational as well as fun. This month, VTech shared with us their plan to get us all outdoors in celebration of their brand new VTech 5 in 1 Stroll and Grow Trike

The trike grows with your child and is suitable from 9 months to 6 years, changing through each stage to suit with the help of the waterproof electronic activity panel which includes 4 modes of play as the user grows.