Nutmeg at Morrisons AW17 and Our Google Hangout Session

I love nothing more than going shopping for groceries and coming home with new clothing for the boys. It's like being able to do all my shopping at once. I can even pop into Morrisons now and pick up uniform for the boys whilst getting their packed lunches.

This week saw me invited to Nutmeg at Morrisons, Google Hangout to listen to their Design Manager, Mel Davies, sharing an exclusive insight into the Nutmeg AW17 kids and women’s collection. Now, if you don't know what Nutmeg is, it's the clothing range that now has a presence in all Morrisons stores - the Nutmeg’s Women’s Collection is now available across 70 Morrisons stores too.

Now, I didn't actually know what a Google Hangout was so, ironically, I had to Google it. But once I got my head around the idea, I couldn't wait to be involved. I mean, it meant that I'd actually have to make myself look half decent since I'd be on a life feed with the team at Nutmeg and other bloggers, but it'd be quite fun so why not!

I was sent a special AW17 Fashion Pack and some samples for myself and the boys. 2 boxes arrived - one that I could open, and one that I couldn't. They really didn't know me when they said not to open it. It took all my strength to keep it in my home and sealed for a whole day. 

And so, the morning of the Google Hangout arrived and I logged in. The chat was informal and friendly with Mel talking all about this seasons designs and why she, and the rest of the team, chose them. 

Nutmeg’s childrenswear is created with ‘thoughtful details’ in mind to ensure durability and comfort and also comes with a 200-day ‘no quibbles’ guarantee, assuring parents of the quality of Nutmeg’s clothing.

I love the Nutmeg clothing range as not only do they have styles that are perfect for little kids, but they have added extras in them too to make the clothes more wearable. Adjustable waists in the jeans which is perfect as T as a tiny waist, interactive panels on the younger children's tops (such as the t-shirt J is wearing which has flaps and touchy-feely bits) and the tops both C and T are wearing have reflective collars so they wont be getting lost in the dark.

The women's wear is so on point too. With great style and totally following the current fashion trends whilst still being comfortable and wearable whilst you're chasing after little ones. I personally find their women's range a little on the smaller fitting side. I'm a size 14 and their clothing in that size feels a little tight on me so it's definitely good that you can pop on store and see what the clothing is like.


  1. They sound fantastic, a lot of thought has gone into the designs, I use google for everything too, and wouldn't have been able to wait a whole day without opening the 2nd box either, the women's jacket your wearing looks very stylish xXx

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