Having a Children's Eye Test With Vision Express

When I first had T, I thought that having an eye test wasn't something that was too important for children. That was, until he turned 6 and the NHS nurse came to his school and said he might have some sight problems in his left eye.

I got him straight to the opticians and found at that he in fact had quite bad sight in his left eye and it made me sad. How had I never realised? Was he struggling all this time? He had to wear patches for a while to try and help his eye muscles get to work and catch up with his other eye.

Even now, after 3 years of wearing glasses, T has bad sight in his left eye and every year I get T in for an eye test before he goes back to school. According to Vision Express, it's quite often that children, and parents, wont recognise that there is a problem with a child's eyesight, with 1 in 5 children having an undetected eye problem.

Early eye exams also are important because children need the following basic skills related to good eyesight for learning:
  • Near vision
  • Distance vision
  • Binocular (two eyes) coordination
  • Eye movement skills
  • Focusing skills
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Hand-eye coordination

And so, each year now, I make sure that T visits our local opticians to see if his eyesight has improved or not and for a good check up to make sure his eye health is up to scratch.

A couple of week ago, we were invited down to Vision Express in The Trinity Centre, Leeds for T to have an eye test and to pick out some new glasses. T loves having his eyes tested and wasted no time in checking out their new ranges of children's glasses before his test, trying on a few whilst he waited.

After a thorough examination, and many different tests and checks, T had a slightly better prescription than last time and needed to pick out some new glasses. As he'd already been looking, he knew straight away what the first pair were going to be. 

Some beautiful black frames which had a little opaque yellow frame to the edges were his favourites. These are his usual style and his go-to glasses. Next up T went a little different (which is odd for him) and picked out some ones that had red arms and they were a little thicker too. The assistant tried them both on T, making sure they were a good fit on him, before sorting out the thinning options. 

T was happy that we left with 2 new pairs of glasses on the way and a week or so later, we went to pick them up. Here are the ones he picked:


  1. I did not initially realise the importance of children having an early eye test. When the school arranged one for my daughter, we discovered she had very serious vision problems. I cannot stress enough how important these tests are.

  2. My five year old daughter had a eye test in school and they picked up on her eyesight so we were given a form to take to the opticians, she has slight long vision so she has to have another test in a year instead of two, but I wouldn't have realised it either xXx

  3. my son is exactly the same hun ,he had to have glasses, eye patches, his left eye got weaker, he now has very strong glasses, eye tests every 6 months and diagnosed with rugby eye,he is 9 and was diagnosed 6 years ago x

  4. So important for learning and health-after saying that-im well overdue for mine -whoops!

  5. Having one is so important, for everyone , not just for your eyes but for all sorts of health conditions x

  6. My son has been going to the optician since he was 5. He does not wear glasses but it is very important to keep going as nowadays they spend so many hours a week on a screen and what better way that a professional to detect any problems.

  7. Anonymous23:02

    It's so important to have children's eyes tested to identify any problems which may be developing - or equally just to confirm all is well given how much screen time some children have.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  8. I love his choices! It's so easy for children to develop eye problems, it really pays to get them tested.

  9. Karen hutchinson14:36

    So important - should be compulsory ! We never realised until his first eye test at 6 , he hadn't been able to read the school board - over a third of his class now wear glasses. I felt awful for not testing sooner #bad mum

  10. Lovely glasses, they have such nice glasses for kids now, much better then when I was growing up.

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  12. Same thing happened to my little brother as happened to T. He turned out OK though and went on to become a very good sportsman (especially cricket) and electrician!

  13. Our little one needs a test I will think about choosing these Thanks

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