Everything You Will Need For Going Back To School

With the new school year just around the corner, everyone seems to be rushing out to find everything their children will need for the new term. And it can be hard - who has the best shoes, what size backpack will your child need, which uniform is the best? 

Well, here is my 2017 list of the back to school items that I've picked out for this year...

Uniform is obviously at the top of everyone's list. It has to be strong and robust to last the school year. Nutmeg at Morrisons childrenswear is covered by Morrisons 200 day ‘no quibble’ guarantee which covers rips, spills and outgrown pieces, assuring parents that school uniforms will survive the wear and tear of the playground. The Nutmeg back to school range is also created with ‘thoughtful details’ including Teflon coating, bobble resistant fabric and adjustable waist bands (to name a few!), ensuring durability and comfort to last the year.

Every year I get T in for an eye test before he goes back to school. It's quite often that children, and parents, wont recognise that there is a problem with a child's eyesight, with 1 in 5 children having an undetected eye problem and so, Vision Express is encouraging parents to book their eye tests ahead of Back to School season. Vision Express are the leading expert in eye health and has an extensive Exclusive Brands Kids range perfect for any age. 

Having a good quality coast is so important for the new school year - we know just how bad the weather can be here in Britain. The Regatta Paxton Parka is available in Black, Dark Khaki and Surf Spray. This coat is ms made of waterproof and breathable ISOTEX 5,000 fabric with a Durable Water Repellent and sealed seams to protect in wet or snowy conditions. Inside is lined with warming Thermo-Guard insulation and soft fleece panels. cut thigh length with a fine quality 'faux-fur' trim hood (which is removable) and poppered storm flap. With reflective trims.

If you're on the lookout for a jacket, then the Regatta Larkhill Jacket has bags to offer. It's made of showerproof micro poplin fabric quilted with cosy Thermo-Guard insulation. It is waist length with toasty sherpa fleece on the inside. This jacket is available in Surf Spray/Navy, Verdant/Iron and Black/Iron.

Shoes are such an important part of the uniform. If you're not wanting formal shoes, then trainer-style ones would work. What's more, they are perfect for p.e. too. These F&F Riptape Strap School Shoes have all the style of school shoes, but the comfort of trainers. They feature upgraded outsoles for three times more durability and have a comfort sole to make sure they keep the feet protect and comfortable all day.

School shoes are so important. They need to be a good formal style but be comfortable to wear all day. These Boys Black Boat Shoes from Dobell offer just that. A smart style with bags of comfort. The have a easy fasten Velcro tab so can be easily taken off and on and have a nice chunky sole to protect the feet. 

What's the point in buying all these new clothes every year for the new term, when your child loses them the minute they put them down. My Name Label offer a whole range of labels for your child's garments so there will be no more losing them. Iron on labels for clothing, shoe stickers, stickers for lunch bags and even tags for bags too, name labels are a simple and effective way to get organised when going back to school. 

Backpacks are a must for going back to school. Children seem to need to take more and more in recently and so it's good to always have different sized bags to hand to fit. The JoJo Toddler Rucksack from JoJo Maman Bébé is is available in a selection of fun prints that kids will love to wear. Perfectly sized and comfortable to wear, they can pack snacks, drinks, toys and whatever else they need for their next adventure. 

If you're after a funky character backpack then these are the ones for you. With Despicable Me 3 currently at the cinemas, the Minions are a big choice for kids and their backpacks come in 2 sizes. These are just 2 of the many designs available in the Minions designs and they have many more amazing characters too. The smaller is available in Toys R Us and the larger from QVC and independent retailers. 

This beautiful Elephant Brand Backpack comes from The Big Issue Shop and is hand crafted from recycled cement bags by villagers in Cambodia. For every one of these bags you buy, they hand deliver a school kit to a child in Africa or Asia. Simple as that. They support local villagers in Cambodia who make their bags out of locally sourced, recycled materials, giving them the opportunity to learn valuable skills that permit them to have a sustainable, effective way to get out of poverty.

Packed lunches are so important and need to fit in everything for a growing child to eat and drink. First up is this Skull Lunch Bag from Wilko. With an insulated, water-resistant lining, a secure zip and a carry handle as well as a rigid front to this lunch bag, it's ideal for keeping lunch protected.

Tum Tum offer a huge range of suitable school items. Their ranges all match and their Scruff The Dog set is super cute. The insulated lunchboxes have backpack style handles so that children can carry them easily and also have a space for their name and photo on the back. And their drinks bottles and snack pots match with your chosen design so that you will always know who's they are. The snack pots are fab. You get 4 in the set of all different sizes. Perfect for holding sandwiches, fruit or anything else that needs protecting whilst in the lunch bag.

And when it comes to packed lunches, it's good to have a variety of foods and drinks to include for a healthy diet. Piccolo pouches are a great snack for little ones’ lunchboxes and helps reassure parents that their kids are getting lots of the vitamins, minerals and other good stuff that fruit brings when they’re at school. And they're a great alternative to yogurts with a handy spout for drinking them from with a huge range of flavours to pick from. 

These Lunch Bugs Ziplock Bags are from Find Me A Gift and feature realistic cockroaches and flies printed on each. They are a bit of fun and quirky, but are ideal for holding your child's sandwich in at lunch time. 

When looking at packed lunches, it's also good to pick out a nice and healthy drink too. Sparkling Ice is a flavoured sparkling water brand that combines natural flavours, fruit juice, vitamins and antioxidants, has launched a 4-pack in the delicious Black Raspberry and Orange Mango flavour. The lightly carbonated beverage has no sugar and 10 calories in each 400ml bottle - the perfect lunch box sized drink.

If you're looking for nutritious snacks to add into your child's lunch box, then look no further than Chewy Moon. Each box is created by nutritionists and approved by kids. You can customise your box to not include dairy or nuts, or even fruit. Choose from over 30 different snacks. Plus, the box includes fun and educational activities too. 

If you're looking for funky stationery, then Smiggle is the place for you. With a whole range of back to school goodies, from backpacks, lunch boxes, stationery and pencil cases. With bright colours, funky patterns and even scented pencils, there are so many cute and amazing items available. 

Personalised pencils are fab and a great way to stop your child from losing them. These Blue Personalised Pencils with Football Motif come fully personalised with a football motif in them. The set contains 12 pencils and each cute pencil is topped with a handy eraser. You can have up to 15 letters of personalisation on the pencils. 

These Drumstick Pencils will help to get anyone's creative juices flowing. The top of each Drumstick Pencil in this set has been designed to look just like an actual drumstick. Now, these might get a little annoying for the teachers, having to hear drumming all day, but I'm sure the kids will find them fun. 

And if you like them, then these E-Racers Racing Car Erasers are sure to be a hit too. These zippy erasers have wheels attached – all you have to do is pull them back and watch them zoom off at breakneck speed! It’s a fun way to pass the eraser between friends in the classroom.

Education doesn't just happen in school. It's important to make sure your children are still getting extra education at home. LeapFrog offer a lot of educational products that are not only educational, but are fun for kids to do too. The LeapPad Ultimate is the perfect first tablet for children. It’s kid-tough and kid-safe right out of the box. 

The LeapPad Ultimate also includes preloaded content featuring core skills in mathematics, reading and science as well as music, puzzles, logic and creativity to prepare kids for preschool and beyond. What's more, the kid-safe web provides access only to kid-appropriate content approved by LeapFrog learning experts. Your child will also have access to over 1000 learning games to play whilst on the tablet. 

And now, one for the parents. Trusted Parents is a free community site that aims to bring parents together to support each other as well as encourage changing our online relationships into offline communities with meet-ups and an easy way to contact others. The offline community has declined over the last 20 years and so they are here, working hard to try and remedy this. Starting school is a huge pressure to many parents and Trusted Parents can help find a support network for these challenging situations.


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