Creative Shared Kids Bedroom Ideas with Space-Saving Techniques

Laughing…crying…playing… and don't forget fighting. A shared sibling bedroom is full of activity and needs, and it means there are a lot of aspects for parents to tackle when creating a kids’ shared bedroom. Thinking about twice the amount of budding personalities, it’s often a daunting task for parents to accommodate storage and space for each child. 

Here are my creative tips to overcome common design challenges when it comes to curating a bedroom for two, and to create a happy and functional room for your little ones...

Go Up and Go High!
Beds take up most of the room in a bedroom and having two children can mean the beds take over. Going for a set of bunk beds can save so much space in a shared room and kids seem to love this way of sleeping too.

You can even create more space by using a mid sleeper and hiding all their drawers, small wardrobes and desks underneath. Or even creating a den under with it being the perfect place to keep all those toys hidden.

Corner Shelves Are Your Friend
Bedside cabinets can take up unnecessary space in a room and they're hard to organise when using bunk or mid sleeper beds. Make use of the walls by fitting some corner shelves just above the bed which make a perfect storage space for a glass of water and a bedtime book. 

Storage, Storage, Storage
We know how busy a children's room can get, put two together and it can be a big mess. Storage is paramount here and it's really about maximising every inch you have available. A small bookshelf might work for their range of night time stories, but how about buying a full sized shelving unit and using it for storing not only books, but toys, games and anything that will fit.

Over-door Hooks
School bags, P.E. kits and dressing gowns.. They're all big and they're all bulky. Getting a suitable over-door hook and hanging all these things away helps to create more space and give you somewhere to put them without them ending up in a pile on the floor.

Don’t Dismiss The Awkward Spaces
Always think about the entire space you have including little nooks and crannies that may seem unusable at first. What you can put in there? Instead of dismissing that awkward corner as dead space can you fit a floating shelf there to create a desk? Cleverly use the space to your advantage.

So those are some of my ideas for shared kids bedrooms to get the most out of the space. Do you have any tips?


  1. Fantastic tips, our two daughter will be sharing a room next year, our baby is 6 months old so is still in with us at the moment, but I look at my five year old daughters bedroom full of toys etc and think where am I going to fit another bed and more toys in xXx

  2. Great ideas, thank you! I find over-door hooks far more useful for dealing with clutter than I would have expected.

  3. Great blog post, we are very short of space, so I like these.

  4. Anonymous20:40

    Snuggling on the sofa with my hubby and son x

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  6. Great ideas my nephews share a bedroom
    I'll show this to my brother

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