Having a Children's Eye Test With Vision Express

When I first had T, I thought that having an eye test wasn't something that was too important for children. That was, until he turned 6 and the NHS nurse came to his school and said he might have some sight problems in his left eye.

I got him straight to the opticians and found at that he in fact had quite bad sight in his left eye and it made me sad. How had I never realised? Was he struggling all this time? He had to wear patches for a while to try and help his eye muscles get to work and catch up with his other eye.


Unique Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

The kids are back at school (hooray!), the evenings are getting dark earlier (boo!) and the winter wardrobe is back. It may feel like it was just yesterday that you were organising everything for last Christmas and yet here it is again! It is now less than three months until Christmas Day, which means for many mums, it is now time to start thinking about gift ideas.

The kids’ presents are taken care of with their Santa List or the constant ‘Mum, I want this for Christmas!’ that you will hear for the next 3 months. However, if you are someone that always struggles to buy gifts for your husband, dad, brother or anyone else we have some ideas to help you out this year:

Feel The Happiness with JYSK Plus Giveaway

That feeling when you've finally created your happy place at home, and feel content just as is, that's the way to bring Hygge into the home. Hygge is all about that atmosphere that makes you feel at home, and it can be little things such a a dimly lit candle to your favourite chair for reading in. 

I've been reading up all about Hygge recently as I wanted to make sure every space in our home was created with a purpose, to make us happy, to make us feel at one with ourselves and was thrilled to have been invited to be one of a handful of the UK’s most influential ‘home’ bloggers to partner Danish global furniture group JYSK for their Feel The Happiness promotion which celebrates the opening of their 2,500th store!


Creative Shared Kids Bedroom Ideas with Space-Saving Techniques

Laughing…crying…playing… and don't forget fighting. A shared sibling bedroom is full of activity and needs, and it means there are a lot of aspects for parents to tackle when creating a kids’ shared bedroom. Thinking about twice the amount of budding personalities, it’s often a daunting task for parents to accommodate storage and space for each child. 

Here are my creative tips to overcome common design challenges when it comes to curating a bedroom for two, and to create a happy and functional room for your little ones...

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from a Facelift or Cheek Implants?

Have you been looking in the mirror as of late and felt unhappy with the image staring back at you? Have you been considering cosmetic surgery to address those areas that bother you? According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, surgical procedures were on the rise in 2016 and 90% of the patients were women. Eyelid surgery, face and neck lifts, brow lifts, and fat transfers were among the top 10 most common procedures. What this means is that you’re not alone in considering having a procedure. 


Why Your Interior Design Trends Can Never Go Wrong with Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is seen as a bold choice by many people - especially those who have children! If you’re trying to decide whether it’s the right choice for you, then we have all the reasons why it just works in any setting. Glass was first blown by the Egyptians and Romans some 2000-4000 years ago and quickly evolved from sparkly jewellery to drinking vessels and now in the 21st century we have many items of furniture made from this smooth and translucent material- sure to add style to any modern home. 

If you are investing in glass balustrades, make sure you have high-quality fixings such as glass balustrade fixings for durability and security. 


Looking After Your Own Health As A Busy Parent

We all know just how life can take over when you're a parent and all those little jobs can be forgotten. And most of the time, it's us parent that lose out as we put ourselves last on the agenda. Kids clothing are more important than our own, making sure the kids have all their favourite foods, and forgetting our own things whilst out. 

We should actually be making sure that we're not only looking after our children, but we're taking care of ourselves too. As a parent, you can only do so much and our health is so important. Any and every parent can burn out when they're not focusing on themselves once in a while. Being a parent isn’t always easy. It can feel hard if you're tired, stressed and unhappy.


Nutmeg at Morrisons AW17 and Our Google Hangout Session

I love nothing more than going shopping for groceries and coming home with new clothing for the boys. It's like being able to do all my shopping at once. I can even pop into Morrisons now and pick up uniform for the boys whilst getting their packed lunches.

This week saw me invited to Nutmeg at Morrisons, Google Hangout to listen to their Design Manager, Mel Davies, sharing an exclusive insight into the Nutmeg AW17 kids and women’s collection. Now, if you don't know what Nutmeg is, it's the clothing range that now has a presence in all Morrisons stores - the Nutmeg’s Women’s Collection is now available across 70 Morrisons stores too.


Easy Lunchbox Sandwich Recipes for Kids

When it comes to making packed lunches everyday, it can get a little samey. And as a parent, I realise how boring eating the same thing every day can be and so I try to mix it up a little with the kids. I like to make the packed lunches full of goodness whilst also making it appetising for the boys to want to actually eat. 

Investing in a bread maker was a great idea for us as it meant that we could make our very own breads with different flavours, textures and health benefits and the boys loved that they could make their own and then take it to school with them to eat.


Staying In Shape with MandM Direct

As you all know, I'm loving fitness at the moment. And now my baby-breeding days are over, it's nice to finally think about me for a change and get my body back into shape.

It's actually been quite a breath of fresh air to do too. I always thought that trying to lose weight and get fit, whilst having 3 children in tow, would be very hard work. But it isn't...


Everything You Will Need For Going Back To School

With the new school year just around the corner, everyone seems to be rushing out to find everything their children will need for the new term. And it can be hard - who has the best shoes, what size backpack will your child need, which uniform is the best? 

Well, here is my 2017 list of the back to school items that I've picked out for this year...