What To Look Out For When Buying A Family Car

When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors that can make it the perfect car for you. Things like fuel consumption, size, mechanical workings and issues are obvious, but once you have children, there is an even longer list to make sure it's a car that will fit your needs.

The Seating Arrangements
As a family of 5, it can be hard for us. Even though most cars are 5 seater, they don't actually cater for 3 children in the back whom will all need some sort of car seat. If you've ever tried to fit three next to each other then you'll know it's a chore. So it's important, when you go to buy a car, that you take the measurements with you. Even better if you can take your actual car seats as then you can see how they fit together in the back. 
A very young T!
And always make sure to check the fit. Some are isofix, some aren't and you don't want to be stung after purchasing a car that wont fit your child's seat. 

The Boot Space
I remember getting my first car when I passed my test - a Suzuki Alto. I thought it fit my needs at the time. It had four wheels and enough room for myself, my husband and T, who was a baby at the time. The problem arose when it came to folding his pram. There was no chance it would fit in the boot and that was when I realised that you really need to take this in to account when looking. 

We eventually moved on to a Ford Focus which was perfect for us. Three full-sized seats in the back and a huge boot with space to spare. 

T, a little older!
The History Of The Vehicle
There's nothing worse than spending thousands on a car to find out it has had problems in the past that weren't disclosed - Whether something minor like breakages to it being previously stolen, it's good to find out what you're buying before you hand over the money. A HPI check looks at if a car has finance owing, is stolen, written off or clocked. It offers a guarantee, valuation and mileage info to make sure you're buying the right car for you. 

Think Of The Future
Is there any point buying a 5 seater car now when you're planning on your forth child? or if a grandparent comes on days out with you. You need to think to the future and make sure you're not going to be needing to change vehicles in a couple of years time when another baby comes along. Think practically, and if in doubt, go bigger!


  1. I'm currently looking for a new car! The car I have just doesn't have a big enough boot for a monthly shop! Let alone a buggy if we decide to become a four man gang instead of the 3 amigos, so this blog was a great read! Thankyou!!

  2. Great article, thank you! There's a lot to think about, that's for sure.