Trying Out The Kids Menu at Frankie & Benny's

Now, if you follow us on Twitter then you'll know just how much we love Frankie & Benny's. We there quite a lot and when the boys are off school, it's nice to get out sometimes to have something to eat and the kids love it there. 

In fact, it's the only restaurant that T will eat at - the fussy mare! They cater for children really well and give them a little pack upon entering with a book of activities and some coloured pencils. I'd say it's a way to keep the kids occupied but I think they're just being clever really as a way to keep kids quiet!

If you've visited Frankie & Benny's before then you will know that the kids menu is split in to 2 parts - Smaller and Bigger, and I'm sure you can guess by the names that these are different in size for hungrier or less hungry children - although I find that the Smaller is plenty big enough anyway. And this summer, kids eat for only £1 when an adult meal is purchased.

What I particularly like about the menu, is that the children get to pick exactly what is put on their plate. You choose your main item - the boys went for Cheesy Tomato Pizza x2 and Mini Grilled Chicken Skewers (although they missed a trick here and should have been calling them lollipops!) - but there are many more to choose from mini slider burgers, Piccolo spaghetti & meatballs, mini hot dogs and even a mac 'n' cheese sail boat. The Bigger meals have slightly more food, or extra bits (toppings on pizza, extra burger slider etc).

The it comes to sides. So you pick one veggie and one carbie. The boys chose corn on the cob x2 and peas as there veggies and all went for fries as their carbies - you could also choose garlic bread, baked potato etc. 

One part of the kids menu that I like, is that everything comes included, so for the price of the meal, you get to also choose a drink and a dessert. The decided on three different desserts - chocolate fudge sundae, movie magic brownies and ice cream sliders. 

The chocolate fudge sundae is all chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, cream, and sauce topped with a Curly Wurly, so good. Served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and popcorn, the movie magic brownies is so soft and gooey and so yummy. The favourite for the boys was the ice cream sliders. They're basically doughnuts, chopped in half and filled with ice cream. The boys picked vanilla ice cream in theirs.

All Frankie & Benny's menu is made fresh to order - you can even see them baking the pizzas in the huge pizza oven they have. Although I tend to sit away from this area as it doesn't half give off some heat!

So, once the boys had picked out their meals, it was on to us grown ups. Now Frankie & Benny's have a few menus depending on what you're wanting. Their lunch menu is quite a good price and comes with refillable drinks. If you're wanting a deal though, then it's best to download the Frankie & Benny's app (you'll get £10 off when signing up) which means you need to purchase from the main menu to get these offers. 

For us adults, my husband picked out The All American. A taste of America! A juicy 6oz beef burger, topped with mac ‘n’ cheese and a layer of streaky bacon served with fries. I on the other hand, went brave and picked out the Steak & Fries, which my husband fretted about and said he'd call in the divorce solicitors if I chose to have it pink. A succulent 28 day aged 7oz rump steak, seasoned and served with sautéed button mushrooms, roasted tomato, spicy onion rings, fries and sauce (I chose garlic and herb sauce).

Overall, we love Frankie & Benny's. I think their deals are amazing too and regularly use the app to get a good one. The current 'kids eat for £1' deal is amazing and means that even families on smaller budgets can dine out too.


  1. It does sound well thought through, and certainly all looks very appetising!

  2. Ooh this looks tasty, I have never been to Frankie and bennys, but think il have to soon xxx