Top 5 DIY Projects For Your Garden

With the height of summer upon us, now is the time for changes that make using your garden for the coming weeks a delight for you, family and friends.

Enjoy the best of the summer sunshine and pleasantly warm evenings with these hints and tips…

#1 Spruce up your garden bench

Of the all the garden furniture on offer, the humble wooden garden bench is often left to slowly rot in the corner of the garden. But the garden bench is worth so much more.

Great for informal seating, wooden garden benches are ideal for a cosy evening with a loved one or for stretching out and enjoying the latest best seller in the afternoon sun.

Either buy a new one or spend less than an hour giving your bench a spruce up.

I. Just give your garden bench a quick clean with a bucket of soapy water and a scrubbing brush to work wonders.

II. If you haven’t got time to sand and varnish your wooden bench, why not use a high-quality teak oil instead? Simply wash the bench, allowing it to dry and then apply three to four very thin coats of the oil. Allow to dry and marvel at the unique grain and pattern within the wood.

As well as hard, wooden garden benches, teak oil nourishes other garden furniture items too.

#2 Create your own potting bench

Many of us enjoy pottering in the garden and with science proving what we have known all along that there are some surprising health benefits to gardening, but what we need are the right tools. But browse online and you will see that some items are incredibly expensive.

But with nothing more than a hammer, a few nails and a pot of exterior paint, you can repurpose an indoor piece of furniture for the outside.

An old table, sanded down and painted, along with a few modifications, will make for an excellent potting bench, ideal for spending a summer afternoon planting seeds and potting-on seedling for a late summer show of colourful blooms (and don’t forget the vegetable plants too!).

#3 Get creative – create your own gardening plaques

From bedding plants to allotments, there are all kinds of uses for plaques in the garden. They remind you of what you planted and where. But as well as serving a practical purpose, hand painted, colourful plaques for the garden make for a pretty addition.

Find some old wooden stakes and cut rectangular boards for the plaque itself. Using an old pot of paint (emulsion will do but gloss works best) give them a coat all over – front and back of the plaque and the stakes too.

Nail the stake to the plaque and then, being as creative as you want, create a pretty plaque complete with any wording needed. For example, create labels for your vegetables and seedlings you plant directly in the ground or have them are colourful, cheerful notes of interest in the garden.

#4 Create birds and insect hotels

Any wizened gardener knows that garden birds and (some) insects are beneficial to the garden. To balance the good and the bad insects, you need plenty of the good bugs in your garden and plenty of garden birds too.

As well as limiting your use of chemicals and feeding garden birds in the winter months, planning the right mix of plants and shrubs are also beneficial to bug and birdlife. But to really encourage them into the garden, why not build bird boxes and create insect hotels for visiting bugs? 

Building a bug hotel is an interesting gardening DIY project and there is nothing better than seeing your bug hotel in use. Birdhouses are easy to know up but don’t forget when fixing in the garden, fix above head height and have them pointing toward the north east is possible.

#5 Create a marble fence

Yes, you read that right! Garden fences are a utility that every garden needs but they can have a rather bland streak about them, even if you do try and jazz them up with coloured paint.

A marble fence is a quick and easy DIY project. Use the best and more colourful marbles you can find. Using a drill with a drill bit slightly smaller than the marble selected. Drill a small hole in the fence panel (this project works best with a ‘lollipop’ fence) and using a small amount of strong glue around the edges, wedge in the marble.

Complete this process as many times as you want across the fence or fence panel, inserting marbles in randomly or in a pattern across it. As night falls and the garden solar lights illuminate, the marble fence sparkles and glints in the light.

What garden projects will you complete?

With hardwood garden benches of all sizes, shape and design, Sloane and Sons understand the importance of the garden bench in any garden, no matter how big or small the space. Ideal for all members of the family, the garden bench is the ideal outdoor seating solution.


  1. Some lovely tips, I can't wait to move and have a nice garden for my children, they would love to Make insect homes xxx

  2. Some really lovely ideas, I have just painted our old garden bench in rainbow colours and it really does make a big difference to the garden and the kids loves it too!

  3. I like some of idea's

  4. Lovely ideas, I think I need to do all of them!! Great for getting the kids involved too

  5. I love diy projects! I find them much more satisfying than just grabbing something off a shelf! Great ideas listed here! Thanks

  6. like the idea of a potting bench I love planting new flowers so sounds perfect.

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