1 August 2017

Thule Glide Running Buggy Review & Vlog

As someone who has taken to exercise a lot recently, I'm always trying to look for ways that I can exercise whilst out and about without looking like that randomer in Asda doing curls with a tin of beans. It's hard though when you have little ones as going for a run whilst you have a stroller to push can be hard work, and swivel wheels do nothing for getting a good pace. 

That's why, when I was offered the Thule Glide to review, and I checked it out online, it was like my prayers had been answered - a lightweight, aerodynamic and high-performance running buggy with a fixed front wheel - it sounded like a great buggy.

The Thule Glide has been designed with parents and children in mind. And I'm here to explain exactly how they do that!

It has a fixed front wheel with adjustable tracking that works well to keep the buggy moving in a straight line without randomly veering of course. It has has pneumatic rubber tires, low rolling resistance, and it's so lightweight that it can be tipped back easily for simple turning whilst running without having to alter your speed. 

With a 5-point safety harness that is easy to get on and so simple to adjust, it makes sure the child is strapped in place. It has a padded seat and leg rest with little pockets in the side for storing juice or whatever which I think is a great way to stop it from falling out whilst on a run. The seat reclines to near flat and is one-handed so no fiddling about, perfect for those little naps.  

Also the huge canopy is a perfect way to protect your child from the sun, or shade them whilst they nap. What's more, the entire canopy can pull forward, right down to the child's knees to protect them from oncoming wind, or low level sun. It even has a huge basket to hold your running shoes, drink and even all your child's essentials. 

It has various features which are great from a safety aspect. A wrist strap to stop the buggy from running away from you and as well as the normal pushchair style brake, it also has a bicycle style handbrake so you can pull on that to stop you instantly if needs be. 

The Thule Glide has a one-handed fold by twisting and pulling the fold handle under the seat. It's actually really simple to do and for such a large buggy, it folds down quite well too. 

Whilst out running, I found I could do it with ease. It wasn't like a chore to get it moving. The Thule Glide moved effortlessly over various different terrains - uneven paths, grass, cobbles - and  never even needed to brake stride. 

The fixed wheel makes turning a bit of a struggle but the longer handle, and the fact that it's super lightweight for such a big buggy, makes it easy to simply pull the buggy onto its back wheels and gently ease it into a turn. Tight turns had to be done at a slow pace though. 

It has given me this new lease of life, wanting to exercise outdoors more and keeping moving, even whilst out with J. I can run whilst he's napping or whilst he's watching the world go by and the great suspension stops him from being thrown about, it just effortlessly moves along. 

Okay, it's very long in length, can't do sharp turns and wouldn't work very well in the local supermarket, but to be honest, it's not made for that. What it's made for is running with, and it does that so well!

Don't forget to check out my short vlog to see it in action...


  1. It looks very light which is ideal, I can't push my pram properly with locked wheel, I need them swivel, but when I had a three wheeler on my son it was easier on lock for kerbs etc but as you said this buggy is meant for running not everyday use xxx

  2. Greta that it is smooth all different terrains. Mich x

  3. Ohhh that looks so good for people who run.

  4. This looks really good, I would love to get running again and this might be a way I could do it

  5. My bestie would have loved this. She ran everyday with her youngest in a buggie until he was four.

  6. This looks like a really good running buggy. Does it come with a rain cover?

  7. This looks perfect for getting back into running after having kids. I like the reclining seat and sun shade features.

  8. Wow that looks great! This would have definitely been good for me when mine were babies because I wanted to get back into shape when I had my four but as a single mum I just never had 5 minutes to myself! Love the big wheels and the reclining seat!

  9. I might have to get myself one of these!! Thanks for the great review :)

  10. Very stylish, that is a buggy to be proud of. Have fun jogging. x