The Best Dining Room Designs With Family Dinners In Mind

A lot of us believe that the dining room in a home deserves to have a special place in our heart. It’s where important discussions are held, milestones are celebrated, and where you eat every night to be together as a family. Giving it a makeover to suit your family is a great way to incorporate it into these memories and to turn it into a safe space. Below are a few ideas that have been in mind recently. Feel free to give them a try to give your home a better feel. 

Give your kids their own space
Having a dining room that’s created with the whole family in mind is a rising trend. Gone are the days where you’d sit down in a grandparent’s room looking at the same floral pattern on both the floor and walls. Help make mealtimes less of struggle by including friendly patterns like geometric shapes and pastels. Getting creative with dining room chairs is a good way to allocate seating positions to your kids, and allow them a little difference from each other. They can be in their favourite colours, or in bright colours that complement each other. You can include an arts and crafts table in the corner of the room for kids to use when parents or guests are still talking after a meal is finished. It helps separate the two areas whilst keeping you all in the same room. 

Use colours that can easily hide stains
When it comes to eating with kids, there’s no doubt that they can be messy. Toddlers alone can waves spoons around with mush still on them and spray the floors and walls. Bigger kids can be just as messy and with intention, so having darker colours on the walls and easy to clean floors are a great idea. Having something like hardwood flooring underneath your feet instead of a carpet is a great call for slipper use in your house, and your carpet cleaner bill will thank you for the decision. Blues, warm reds like burgundy, and softer greens are the top three colours that work with anything if your heart is set on using carpet anyway. These don’t have to feel hefty either if you use rugs or thinner material. 

Keep people entertained with decoration
When it comes to eating in the same space, it can be hard not to make a chore out of setting the table and staying at it. If adults find it hard, kids will as well. To spruce up a dining room you can mix and match patterns and colours on the wallpaper as a good start. Then build up from there! Go crazy with different sized clocks, plates, buttons, even pop-up windows for the younger ones. Finding a cute or cartoony picture inside can bring a smile to anyone’s face after all. It’ll also be a good conversation point for guests if you’re hosting a dinner, and offers a good look away from a traditional four seater.

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