23 August 2017

Potty Training with Fisher-Price Toilet Train Bing

With potty training in full swing at the moment, I am trying everything to help J on his way. It's hard sometimes to explain to a little one, how they're supposed to go on the potty when they need a wee and so, finding a toy that helps is a big plus. Fisher-Price never disappoint when it comes to educational toys and have brought out the fabulous Toilet Train Bing to help Little Bingsters with their toilet training.

This soft and cuddly Bing is the perfect playmate for any child, and as a reminder to go potty, every now and then during play, Bing will call out - it’s time to stop the game for the toilet train - as he lets little ones know when he needs to go.

Toilet Train Bing is a fun way to support little ones as they learn when they need to go to the toilet, or for more experienced children to teach Bing everything they know about this important milestone. J is smitten with Bing and makes sure to help Bing use the potty whenever he asks.

So, Toilet Train Bing comes with his very own potty. Whenever he tells you he needs to go, you simply sit Bing on the toilet and you'll hear him do his business (he might even do a little hum too) and when you lift him off, you'll hear a flush when he's finished.

But, and there's a big but... If Bing doesn't make it in time uh-oh! A unique illuminating feature shows that Bing has wet himself. It's no big thing though as Bingsters can help Bing catch the toilet train the next time round, we just need to learn to listen for the signs. 

For me, I think this toy is absolutely amazing. J has been playing with it none stop and loves helping Bing use the toilet when he needs to go. And whilst he's at it, it's helping J learn all about when he needs to go too. We even had a milestone moment for ourselves as J shouted 'toilet train' and sat on his very own potty for a wee!

What I love most about Toilet Train Bing though, is that it doesn't just focus on potty training - it had little games too. Bing might want to read a story, and play hide and seek, even play aeroplanes, and kids can really get in to playing with him too.

The Toilet Train Bing is suitable from 2 years+ and has an RRP: £31.99. It is the perfect way to support children through role-play during this challenging milestone


  1. It's really interesting that they are producing such toys for kids to learn with! It could be really be a great help when training a child!

  2. My 8 month old daughter loves bing, this would be perfect for her as a toy for now and to help with potty training in a years time xXx