Going Back To School With Despicable Me 3

With going back to school just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about stocking up on all those items you might need. The boys were recently sent a Despicable Me 3 bundle that was truly awesome, packed full of school essentials. 

The boys are obsessed with Despicable Me 3 and so were absolutely excited when all of this arrived at the door. Okay, maybe the Posh Paws Jail Minion Tim isn't for back to school, but his grumpy face has been loved by all three boys.

So, what was included in our back to school bundle? Let's look ahead and see...

Starting off with the huge backpack, this comes with a folder, a note pad, pen and a mini pencil case. It's like having all those little stationery items you might need ready to go. The backpack is super cute too. With Minions covering it and Minion eyes for zippers. It's big enough to hold a P.E. kit and any items a young child might need for school. 

Those swimming lessons will be coming up soon for T and so it's good to be prepared with a pair of swimming trunks ready to go. Aren't these Despicable Me 3 ones just adorable!

The I Didn't Do It packed lunch is a favourite of mine. It has a side pocket which holds a bottle so there's no need to take up much needed inner space with the drink. The waterproof inside stops any leakages and it's big enough to hold a good sized meal for any growing child. 

And if you're on the lookout for a Minions cup, then this Despicable Me 3 one could be for you. It has a straw for drinking out of and a handy snack pot hidden in the top. I like this idea as the snack will be kept cool in the pot from the cold juice underneath it. 

Tissues are always something I forget to buy for the boys and so having 16 packs of Despicable Me 3 ones, will keep the boys going a while. I can simply pop a pack into each of their bags, and they've got them for whenever they're needed. 

And obviously with having 3 children, plasters are a regular occurrence so ones with Minions on them are a sure fire way to get the kids cheered up in no time! I mean, who doesn't love a bright green Minion plaster on their leg (like J above!) and there are even some cute Minion eye plasters too!

For children who are learning to tell the time, having a watch can help and this Despicable Me 3 watch is the perfect companion for a Minions lover! T loves how it looks like the Minion is holding the time, even with his grumpy face, and he can quite easily read the time from it. There are also these cute little toy water guns too which have some little sweets hidden inside them!

As you can see, we're all packed out with Despicable Me 3 goodies and now just need to decide who gets what ready for going back to school!


  1. Tie-ins are always fun and help kids feel that bit better about heading into school, I think! These are great.

  2. My five year old daughter absolutely loves minions, we call her Megan minion xxx

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