20 August 2017

Fighting My Way Fit With FatBlaster

As someone that loves food, it can be hard to lose weight. I went through a period of always grazing and always wanting to eat and that contributed to me being over-weight. And so, I turned to finding a way to keep my appetite at bay whilst also eating better at the same time. That's when I came across FatBlaster.

FatBlaster is the number 1 weight loss brand in Australia and it's now arrived in the UK. Helping thousands of people around the world lose weight through the fundamental learnings of safe, healthy and effective weight loss.

I saw sent out their 3 products to try over over a couple of weeks and to see how it helped me. Their 3 products are FatMagnet, Appetite Suppressant and a Meal Replacement Shake (which is available in chocolate and strawberry flavours).

The revolutionary FatMagnet is scientifically proven to bind fat from the foods you eat, perfect for anyone looking to reduce fat absorption and lose weight. Containing LipomylTM, a unique weight loss fibre, it binds up to 60x its own weight in fat. Plus it’s gentle on your system, stripping fat and maintaining your normal vitamin levels. 

To be honest, I don't usually do well with tablets as I find that they usually send the foods right through you, pouring it out at the other end. But these don't work like that. FatMagnet is a registered medical device with proven efficacy and weight loss results.

Then there's the Appetite Suppressant which contains the hunger busting fibre Glucomannan which reduces your appetite and helps you to feel fuller for longer, it also maintains normal blood cholesterol levels. I found that this worked quite well. I was no longer wanting to snack in between meals and found that my meals were getting slightly smaller too, so in a way, it was helping me to eat better. This unique formula also contains B vitamins so you can say goodbye to tiredness too. 

The high protein meal replacement shakes were the one product I was most looking forward to try though. They are specifically designed for healthy and safe weight loss results in a convenient and delicious shake. The FatBlaster meal replacement unique shake blend contains 19g of protein and is nutritionally complete with 22 vitamins and minerals and only 6.9g of sugar per serve. You need to make it up with a milk (whether skimmed, almond or coconut) to get the full benefit. 

I chose the chocolate shake as it meant that I could still get that chocolate fix without having to have all the calories too. And it actually tasted delicious. I initially tried it with almond milk but wasn't a fan of the flavour of the milk so changed to coconut milk instead which went down a lot better. 

It was an ideal meal replacement and even though it was a shake so I wasn't actually eating a meal, it didn't feel that way. The combination of the shake, appetite suppressant and FatMagnet made me feel fuller for longer and eat less in between. 

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  1. Thanks for writing up your experiences; this sounds really good! I do like a meal replacement from time to time, I find they can help remind me how much I'm eating the rest of the time.