How To Make Raspberry and Coconut Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free Ice Lollies

As someone who is conscious of what she eats, I also like to make sure that my kids get a mixed and varied diet too. Milk is a weird one for me as, even though I can enjoy it every now and then, too often it makes me bloat and leaves me with that nasty feeling that stops me using it often. 

I regularly use coconut milk instead of cows milk when I can and so when Vita Coco asked me to use their coconut milk to create some ice lollies, I knew it would be the perfect time to see what we could come up with.


Trying Out The Kids Menu at Frankie & Benny's

Now, if you follow us on Twitter then you'll know just how much we love Frankie & Benny's. We there quite a lot and when the boys are off school, it's nice to get out sometimes to have something to eat and the kids love it there. 

In fact, it's the only restaurant that T will eat at - the fussy mare! They cater for children really well and give them a little pack upon entering with a book of activities and some coloured pencils. I'd say it's a way to keep the kids occupied but I think they're just being clever really as a way to keep kids quiet!


Going Back To School With Despicable Me 3

With going back to school just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about stocking up on all those items you might need. The boys were recently sent a Despicable Me 3 bundle that was truly awesome, packed full of school essentials. 

The boys are obsessed with Despicable Me 3 and so were absolutely excited when all of this arrived at the door. Okay, maybe the Posh Paws Jail Minion Tim isn't for back to school, but his grumpy face has been loved by all three boys.

So, what was included in our back to school bundle? Let's look ahead and see...


Top 10 Small Space Saving Tips for Your Home

If you are not blessed with acres of space in your home, you will no doubt be looking to store things in the most effective and accessible ways possible.

These ten ideas should give you food for thought…


Don't Waste Your Child's Inheritance! Make These Changes Now!

Nobody wants to spend too much time thinking about what will happen to their children when they finally leave this mortal coil. However, that is something older parents will have to consider at some point. Everyone wants to leave as much money as possible for their loved ones, and so it’s essential not to waste that capital before the time comes. The changes mentioned below should help parents to leave the most substantial inheritance possible.

Stop buying takeaways
The infographic published below this post highlights that 25% of UK people waste a fortune on takeaways during their lifetimes. Sure, everyone loves to eat Chinese or Indian food, but buying a meal for the entire family every week will make a massive dent in finances.


Potty Training with Fisher-Price Toilet Train Bing

With potty training in full swing at the moment, I am trying everything to help J on his way. It's hard sometimes to explain to a little one, how they're supposed to go on the potty when they need a wee and so, finding a toy that helps is a big plus. Fisher-Price never disappoint when it comes to educational toys and have brought out the fabulous Toilet Train Bing to help Little Bingsters with their toilet training.

This soft and cuddly Bing is the perfect playmate for any child, and as a reminder to go potty, every now and then during play, Bing will call out - it’s time to stop the game for the toilet train - as he lets little ones know when he needs to go.

Win A £500 Rattan Direct Voucher

As someone who spends a lot of time shopping online, I do love to find a good competition, and when I saw that Rattan Direct had an amazing one going at the moment, I couldn't help but share! The Rattan In The Bloom competition is so simple and it involves participants sending in a photo of their gardens. 

That's it! That's pretty simple don't you think!


Going On A Dessert Date At Kaspa's Leeds

It's not often we get to go out as a family as my husband works nights and the kids are at school during the day so it's a bit hit and miss as to when we have free time. Now the school holidays have hit, we took advantage of having some free days and opted to have a family date. 

We chose none other than Kaspa's to dine at. Well, I say dine at but Kaspa's is actually a dessert house that offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof. And I mean, who doesn't like dessert for dinner sometimes?!


Buying Tools For All Your DIY Needs

Having a house with three children, there's times when things need fixing and so, out comes my tool box and I search until I find a tool that looks like it'll do the job. It's the same with decorating, new furniture and doing up the house, we need tools to get everyone up and looking nice. 

So, I decided to have a look around and stock up on all those tools that I might need when one of these situation arises. FFX offer a huge range of all those tools that you might ever need and so I started looking so I could fill up my ever growing tool box. 


Never Give Up On Your Hobbies

Okay, everyone has their favourite hobby, be that watching or playing football, gymnastics, writing, whatever. But I've found that mine started out as something and nothing and became my favourite hobby over night. 

I enter competitions...

And usually when I tell people that I get the groan of how no one wins those things and they're just a con. But I'm here to tell you that it's not true at all and that everyone should give it a go.


What To Look Out For When Buying A Family Car

When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors that can make it the perfect car for you. Things like fuel consumption, size, mechanical workings and issues are obvious, but once you have children, there is an even longer list to make sure it's a car that will fit your needs.

The Seating Arrangements
As a family of 5, it can be hard for us. Even though most cars are 5 seater, they don't actually cater for 3 children in the back whom will all need some sort of car seat. If you've ever tried to fit three next to each other then you'll know it's a chore. So it's important, when you go to buy a car, that you take the measurements with you. Even better if you can take your actual car seats as then you can see how they fit together in the back. 


The Best Dining Room Designs With Family Dinners In Mind

A lot of us believe that the dining room in a home deserves to have a special place in our heart. It’s where important discussions are held, milestones are celebrated, and where you eat every night to be together as a family. Giving it a makeover to suit your family is a great way to incorporate it into these memories and to turn it into a safe space. Below are a few ideas that have been in mind recently. Feel free to give them a try to give your home a better feel. 


The Art Of Moving Home Easily

Moving home is an exciting adventure. You’re starting a brand new chapter of your life and your family’s lives. Still, it can also be a highly stressful time as there are so many different things to sort out before you can say you’ve successfully moved out of one home and into another. Here are some tips to help you easily master the art of moving home.

Top 5 DIY Projects For Your Garden

With the height of summer upon us, now is the time for changes that make using your garden for the coming weeks a delight for you, family and friends.

Enjoy the best of the summer sunshine and pleasantly warm evenings with these hints and tips…

#1 Spruce up your garden bench

Of the all the garden furniture on offer, the humble wooden garden bench is often left to slowly rot in the corner of the garden. But the garden bench is worth so much more.


Getting Ready For The Aldi Baby & Toddler Event Return

As a parent I love nothing more than a good bargain. I'm the type of person that looks online to try and find the best deal for anything and everything. And to be honest most of the time this works out because I find that certain brands are a higher price but don't actually offer anything better. Which is why I love Aldi. 

Aldi offer a huge range of products and items that I use every day, but at amazing prices. And this week sees the return of their Aldi Baby & Toddler Event which means all of parents get to stock up with amazing savings.

The fantastic range will be going online from the 10th August and in stores across the UK from the 17th August.


Budget Ways To Keep The Kids Occupied During The School Holidays

We all know what it's like during the school holidays - the first week or so are okay, and then the kids get bored. And us parents are at a loss at what to do. 

I mean, you can take them on days out and to all these places that seem to be advertised on Facebook, but we all know just how expensive they can be. Even worse if you have multiple children to pay for. It's like, you need a whole weeks pay just to go to some soft play places. And don't even start talking to me about eating out at these places - bank loan here I come!

So, I thought I'd write about ways to keep the kids busy during the holidays that are cheap, or free, and not only are they fun but they are a great way to bond with your kids too. 


Be kind To Yourself Mama

We all know that once you become a parent, normal life goes out the window. No longer do you have time to do all those little things that you always thought were irrelevant. I mean, most of the time I can't go to the toilet in peace let alone have a bath without one of the sprogs jumping in with me. 

As life changes, all focus becomes our children, and we go out of the window. It's like we no longer matter, and that shouldn't be. We shouldn't just be okay with that. Yes, I am a mum, but I'm also a person too. If you focus all of yourself on your children then you will just burn out. It will all become too much. 


Thule Glide Running Buggy Review & Vlog

As someone who has taken to exercise a lot recently, I'm always trying to look for ways that I can exercise whilst out and about without looking like that randomer in Asda doing curls with a tin of beans. It's hard though when you have little ones as going for a run whilst you have a stroller to push can be hard work, and swivel wheels do nothing for getting a good pace. 

That's why, when I was offered the Thule Glide to review, and I checked it out online, it was like my prayers had been answered - a lightweight, aerodynamic and high-performance running buggy with a fixed front wheel - it sounded like a great buggy.

The Thule Glide has been designed with parents and children in mind. And I'm here to explain exactly how they do that!