This Time Next Year We'll Be Millionaires!

When people talk about winning the lottery, you know it's always a pipe dream. I mean, not many people have the luck of being able to pick those correct numbers and end up rolling in it! And then it comes to seeing people win and you usually find a couple of types of people:
  1. The ones who would make it their mission to spend it as quickly as they can.
  2. The 'I'll still keep my job' people.
  3. The investors who keep their money growing.
I personally thinking I'm the latter of these. I'm sure we've all dreamt of winning the Lotto once or twice and wondered what we'd actually spend the money on if we were that lucky. 

For me, although yes I would have some nice holidays and buy a few lavish things, I'm still too tight to pay extortionate rates for things so there'd be no high-end shopping or splurging on things I wouldn't actually ever use.

I think I'm quite methodical with my thinking and I would be mostly sensible with it - to the heartbreak of my husband who would be the type to buy anything and everything in sight, even if he didn't need it!

So, if I was lucky enough to get those balls falling in my direction? I'd do a couple of main things:
  • The Big Build - I'd design my very own home with everything we would ever need. 5 bedrooms so we've all got our own space. A huge kitchen so I can have all the space I need whilst prepping, cooking and making a mess. An indoor pool and a home gym. A playroom as big as you like so that the kids can keep their toys in one place. And a huge garden, made private with trees around it, and an adventures ground for the kids.
  • Holiday Homes For Rent - This is my favourite part. I'd buy a few static caravans, and maybe a house at the coast and rent them out to holiday makers. I'd lower the cost of usual holiday prices so that people with children, like myself, can afford to go in the school holidays without extortionate fees. It would also mean having free holidays to the coast whenever we wanted. 
  • Investment For The Future - Along with a new house and holiday homes, I would make sure that we had some money invested for the future. I would probably invest in stocks and shares, although I would do lots of research to see which are the best to invest in and which ETF Depots are the best to use. I'd want to make sure I was investing my money wisely.
  • The Kids Futures - Apart from their trust funds they already have, I'd set aside some more money, just for them. This would pay for uni, a deposit on their first home, what ever they like. But just so I know they can afford to decide on what they want to do when they are older. 

As a dreamer, I love thinking about these things, and how my ideal home would be if I was to win. My husband is a realist and so is always telling me the stats on how unlikely it is to win. But I always point out that there's always a chance, as long as you actually play that is. 

I've been looking in to the different jackpots available in other countries and lusting after playing other big winners. Lottoz is all about eliminating the boundaries of playing those other games, giving players access to other amazing stakes no matter where they are in the world. And it's so easy to do too - just pick out your numbers to bet and then get dreaming about what you'd spend all those millions on!

And with Lottoz, you're not actually playing the lottery, you're betting on the results. So essentially, you still bet the exact same numbers you would have, and you'd still win the exact same amount of money you would normally do, but you're not actually participating in the lottery. It's a bet on what numbers will come out. Meaning that we can play the Irish Lottery, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and even the huge stakes of the Powerball. 

Playing different lotteries means having a higher chance of winning, and that's the dream in the end, isn't it?


  1. Do you KNOW I've never done the lottery once -im not going to a millionaire anytime soon💥💥🤡

  2. My partner says this all the time, we are now 8 years down the line and still not millionaires, it might help if we played the lottery but we just buy a euromilions or health pottery ticket once in a blue moon, I keep mean into sign up to postcode lottery but still haven't xxx

  3. Anonymous00:19

    Sounds like you might be quite savvy when it comes to money. A lot of people think about setting money aside "for a rainy day", save up for holidays, put a bit aside for the children, etc. You mention Trust Funds :- These I first heard of in association with the Royal Family, then heard of Celebrities having Trust Funds for their children. Seems maybe we should all consider Trust Funds, as are they in the Best Intersest of us, our savings, our investments, our children?

    Money and Value for Money are Important Issues. We seem to have Austerity, Poverty whilst :- Rich, Super Rich and Ultra Rich also exist. INEQUAILITY.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I think we should start the lottery, you never know!

  5. Even if you never win something about having the chance to think what if makes it worth it for me.

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  9. Kim Styles18:22

    the nearest thing to betting I have ever got was the lottery itself at one point but knew the odds on winning were so low. But the idea on betting on the lottery results is not on my radar= I have never gone into a betting shop and for me it seems on a par with that.That is my own preference . I will never be a rich woman I know