The Modest Living Room Makeover: 5 Tips For Success

The living room is arguably the most important space in the whole family home. It’s the place where the household can interact together and enjoy the closeness that only time with loved ones can bring. Therefore, ensuring that your lounge is fit for purpose is essential.

Transforming your living room needn’t be a budget-busting activity, though. These quick, easy, and affordable design tricks should help you create a winning vibe with minimal hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn those vision of the perfect space into a reality.

Opt for light coloured walls. Doing this will reflect light to give the room a far bigger appearance. Moreover, the brighter atmosphere is sure to inject a sense of positivity. You can always buy black picture frames to bring some personality to the walls. Meanwhile, many households will designate one wall as a feature piece to add further character. That combination of simplicity and unique character is sure to work wonders for the whole family. 

Claw back floor space with two very simple adjustments. Firstly, choose furniture that is either portable or provides hidden storage. Ottomans are a great example, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. The second trick is to mount your television to the wall. This is a very simple idea, but it will make the room look bigger and more contemporary. In truth, the new positioning of the television will often encourage a better viewing experience. If you like to use the living room for interactive video games, you should find that this tip creates a bigger playing space too.

Think about the ongoing running costs of the living room. Financial elements will carry a huge influence over your feelings towards the room. Therefore, investing in upgrades that will pay for themselves in the long run is always advised. It might be a little less exciting than adding funky tech, but the rewards are far greater. Besides, gaining those financial savings now will enable you to complete the full home transformation in far quicker time.

Don’t replace your current carpet, unless it is needed. You can find professional carpet cleaning tools online, which can restore yours to its former glory. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an aesthetic change for the eyes, buy a rug. This solution will be far cheaper, far easier, and equally effective. Better still, if you decide that you don’t like the look, you can probably exchange it. Try doing that with a new carpet, and you’ll find that it’s an impossible mission.

Provide yourself with the opportunity to create multiple atmospheres. Installing a dimmer switch and using table lamps will certainly aid the aesthetic. Window films can add decoration while blocking out the attention of passersby and still letting in light. Ultimately, your living room should feel comfortable at all times. Given that your requirements change given your mood, as well as the time of year, this versatility is key. 

Each of those five ideas is very easy to implement, and it will change your living room for the better. Quite frankly, what more could any homeowner hope for?

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  1. Very simple ways I wouldn't have thought of doing, I'd love to put my television on a wall bracket but my partner doesn't trust them incase the children pull at the wire, I'd also love a dimmer light switch, we are waiting to move to a bigger home, so don't want to redecorate I can't wait to move so that we can decorate and make it our home xxx