How My 'Me Time' Starts At The Gym

Before J started pre-school, it wasn't often that I actually got a bit of time for myself. I would either be running around after him, or playing with him. And now, since he's started at pre-school and whilst T and C are both at school, I've been making sure that I get some time to get away from everything and just be myself. 

And I'm telling you now that I was totally shocked when I realised that the 'me time' I was actually craving was some time at the gym. Now you'd think that going to the gym would be gruelling and something that people don't actually want to do, but for me, it makes me feel free. 

When I first joined up, I assumed, like everyone else always does, that I'd go for a few times and then the novelty would wear off and I'd quit. But it's actually the making of me, and I've noticed that since starting, I've been happier, I've had more energy, and I'm feeling better in myself. 

I picked out some key fitness clothing so I was comfortable whilst getting fit. Esprit has a whole range of fitness clothing so you can look stylish as you work out. Sports bras are a must for us busty ladies and they even have specialist e-dry shorts, vests and leggings, which helps to keep sweat at bay and keep you cool during work outs. 

Once I arrived at the gym, I set up my Spotify playlist to include loads of rock tunes so I could get into the moment whilst working out, and then I started on my first machine. The treadmill, for me, is the best machine. I just walk, and do a slow jog, as I listen to my music and I can go for ages. The whole atmosphere just helps me relax and get into it, whereas if I was outdoors, I would be more self-conscious. 

Since starting the gym 2 months ago, I have noticed that not only have I started looking at what I eat more, but I've been getting out more with the kids and having more energy to do so. I'm trying to to focus on checking how much I've lost, but looking in the mirror and noticing clothing looking better on. 

Now, I look back and wished I'd started the gym sooner as it has made such a difference to me. The perfect 'me time' for me!


  1. When Megan started school I joined the gym and started driving lessons, I was really conscious when I first started but after a few weeks I loved going, then 6 months later I caught pregnant on Mollie on the pill and haven't been since xxx

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  3. Couldn't agree more, it is so uplifting! Well done :)