Four Modern Ways To Light Your Home

The light in a room can make or break the look of it. Too dark and you’ve got an unwelcoming dark and dingy room that everyone will want to avoid. Too bright or harsh, and you’ve got a room that could give you a headache and not help you to relax at all. Light affects you when you’re in a room, as well as the colour of the room; light can make colours in the room look better or worse, depending on the lighting you choose. 

As well as all of that, you’ll want to use lighting to create a certain ambiance in a room, like mood lighting in kitchens or spotlights in an office, for instance. But you also use lighting as part of your room decor. A room painted in a modern colour scheme, like monochrome, for example, can suddenly look outdated if you have old-style lamp shades and fittings. So there really is more to lighting that you might think! Here are some modern ways to light your home to help create the look that you’re after.

Use Multiple Lights
In a room, it can be good if you can create different layers of light. Have a main light and then smaller lights, like wall lights or floor or table lamps. You can use all of the light if you need to, as well as using only some of the lights when needed. Just be smart and think about the purpose of the light, the size of the room, and the ambiance that you are trying to create.

Alter Your Light Bulbs
There is more than one style of light bulb out there, so make sure you use a variety in your home. In a dining room, you could use pendant lights and fill them with modern looking filament bulbs. You could also choose spotlights in a kitchen or bathroom, as well as funky up-lighters in a living room area. There are many options so don’t be afraid to have a little play!

Vary the Height of the Lights
One thing that you can do is to vary the height of the lights in your home. Don’t think that all lights have to be on the ceiling! Wall lamps are an obvious one, but you could also think about adding lights in any recesses of a wall. Using spotlights on the floor can be a modern way to light your home. This kind of thing can look especially effective in a kitchen or bathroom to create a modern and bright ambiance. Again, just have a play and try out some new ways to light your house; don’t just think of the ceiling, though.

Choose a Variety of Shades
Not all lamp shades are created equal. So make sure you look for ones that will suit each room that you are in; they don’t have to be the same all around the house. Some lamps or lights won’t even need a shade on them, so don’t worry about having some that are just a bulb. Make sure they suit the style of the room, though. It will make a difference!

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