Family Portrait Ideas For Your Photo Album

Documenting your life with your children in various ways is one of the best ways to have something amazing to look back on later on. How about some fun family portrait ideas for your photo album? Here are a few to get you started!

Recreate A Picture From Your Childhood
If there’s a picture you love from your childhood, why not recreate it in some way? For example, a picture if you and your siblings wearing certain outfits or in a certain place; could you do that with your children? You could even then display the two pictures next to each other to create interest. This should be a lot of fun to do! 

Use Props For A More Interesting Picture
Why not use props to make your pictures even more interesting? You could find interesting wall art to take pictures next to, or get your kids to hold big letters spelling out a certain word. There are so many different kinds of props out there that you can use to help you create fun pictures worth looking at. 

Take A Selfie
Taking a selfie isn’t just something that young beauty obsessives do - it’s something everybody can do, even those who want to take a fun photograph. Family selfies can be a lot of fun, and you can really capture the personality of your family. All you have to do is make sure you take it properly. The infographic below can help you to create a great selfie with your family!


  1. Some fantastic tips, I try to take lots of pictures of my three children but my 12 year old son doesn't like having photos if I try take them, but then I see his selfies on his phone of him posing like the tips and advise above shows xxx

  2. Great ideas & tips. Will try harder to follow these tips over the summer months.

  3. Granddaughter use to love posing and often did selfies herself Then she became shy and refused Now she loves it again. Thanks for some of the tips