Crafting Father's Gifts With Hobbycraft

Now I know you're probably looking at this post and noticing that it's a few weeks late. Well that's because we've been away and so our Father's Day was celebrated late. It meant that we couldn't do any of our crafts until we had got back. 

Well, this year we decided to follow the framed writing bandwagon and Hobbycraft helped us do just that. They sent us a selection of items to get creative with and left us to get our craft on, so the kids could each make their dad their very own, unique gift. 

We received some letterbox frames, some letters, glue and some paper cut-offs so we could make them nicely decorated. The box frame and letters actually come as a bundle and are priced at only £7 for the set. You actually get 114 letter tiles in the pack! 

So, we got to deciding what we could write with our letters, to make it special for dad. The boys decided they wanted their names and 'Daddie' too. Okay, daddie isn't actually spelled correctly but we had to improvise a little to make sure all the children's name would fit in with it.

We might have had a little play around with the letters in between also. They are actually a great way of teaching words to little ones too as C was practising his phonics with them. T, on the other hand,  was spelling out words he thought was funny - 'bottom' was one that tickled him the most!

So, we opened up the frames and measured the space so we could work out where to put each word, and then we practised, finding the letters and placing them on the table to work out where they could go together. 

A few of the paper pieces were dotted around to add a little colour and then we had them all picked out and ready to be stuck down. The boys glued them down and then added the letters. The letters actually have sticky backing on them but we added a little glue just to make sure they stuck real good. 

They were actually really easy to make and look so cute. Daddie was well impressed with them. 

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  1. This looks fantastic, I would loved to try and make one for my partner off our three children, it looks quite easy, I'm not very artistic xxx