Classic Looks For The Spring Season

Spring is once again upon us and it’s time to choose your outfits accordingly. It’s always a challenge, as spring is a changeable and uncertain month and you want to pick clothes that let you enjoy the fine weather, and fit in in a sun soaked park, but that will also work if you need to cover up in a hurry and keep warm and dry.

Lots of the big design names latest seasons have some very bold looks and fresh ideas, but if you want to cut a more classical figure, we’ve prepared some advice for timeless looks for the spring that’ll see you through to summer in style.

Shift Dress
A classic of the spring season: lighter than you will have been wearing since September and with a nigh universally flattering silhouette for when you’re enjoying drinks in the longer, hotter evenings. Picking out a shift dress in monochrome stripes can give you a more exciting, experimental look, or you can hew close to the classics with a solid navy design.

T Shirts
Spring is the season stripes of when you’re picking a top. A horizontal stripe pattern lends an outfit a sense of careless, gallic sophistication and will happily dress up or down, paired with jeans for casual or a well chosen skirt for a more formal occasion.

Chinti and Parker have some great designs with Breton stripes including a long sleeved stripe and heart motif t shirt that’s a great choice to keep you warmer but no less spring fresh if the weather is a little less clement.

Given the sad truth of the climate, you are likely to need at least one coat to keep about you until the summer really kicks in. Fortunately you have several options here to make keep things interesting and make sure you have something suitable for every occasion.

A trench coat, carefully chosen, could serve you for much of the year. A classic design that comes with a healthy helping of golden age of Hollywood cachet and is also lightweight enough to keep wearing even as the weather heats up. Gap have a selection if you’re shopping on the high street, and web based labels have some more inventive spins on the idea.

A leather jacket is another great option: a unquestionable classic that looks as good slung over a shoulder in the sun as closed up against the cold.


  1. I need to update my wardrobe since having my daughter 4 months ago I can just about squeeze into some of my clothes, I usually live in leggings and vest tops but want to be more fashionable I just hate spending money on myself xxx

  2. with the warmer weather definitely need summery clothes and yes a coat too very nice attire looks lovely for the sun