Bitter Union Cocktail Bitters From 31Dover

Whilst we were away, we decided to enjoy our evenings down on the beach. It had quietened down at this time and meant that the kids could play, and run around without having to dodge the sunbathers, it was stunning weather too so we could just sit and watch them having fun.

We brought a little picnic down with us so that the boys could snack whilst they played, and we were sent some Bitter Union cocktail bitters from 31Dover.com so it meant that we could enjoy a little tipple in the evening sun. Cue people giving me a dodgy look as they noticed me photographing what looked like alcohol on the beach!

Bitter Union enhances and balances the different flavours in your drink providing a delicious aromatic twist with one of the three flavours available, you can add to cocktails or spice up soft drinks with them. It can even be used to enhance hot drinks like a cup of green tea. 

They are only a small batch craft bitters that contain only natural ingredients with no added sugar. And they are so simple to use too. No faffing about, just add 4-5 drops to your drink for a taste delight.

The Bitter Union Lemon Hops and Herbs was just divine. The flavours of zingy lemon, hops for floral notes, a subtle hint of herbs and a bitter kick from the artemisia plant, mean that this bitters works wonderfully when added to a G&T. I paired this one with some Rock Rose Gin - it complemented this gin so much. But adding this to a soft drink would also give such and amazingly refreshing drink too. 

It made such a relaxing cocktail to drink. I enjoyed it as I enjoyed a bath in the house we had booked. A huge corner bath, loads of bubbles and a beautiful drink - my night was sorted!

The Bitter Union Spiced Orange was my absolute favourite though. With flavour notes of orange, warming ginger, star anise and a bitter hit from cinchona bark, This bitters makes a great addition to a wide range of drinks and cocktails too. With rum being the perfect drink for me, I paired this with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and the warm spices and burnt toffee aspects of this drink just made these 2 a match made in heaven. For a none alcoholic drink, you could try adding it to a hot chocolate too for a chocolate orange flavour.

Personally, as someone who adores spiced rum, I think the Bitter Union Spiced Orange is absolutely amazing and makes my drink just zing with flavour. It's so great that only a little is needed too as it means that I can enjoy such flavoursome combinations for time to come!


  1. I have never drunk bitter before but they sounds yummy in a cocktail xxx

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