Are e-cigs a gateway to traditional smoking?

Electronic cigarettes and their associated e-liquids have become one of the most popular ‘gadgets’ in recent times. Almost out of nowhere these alternatives to traditional smoking have given smokers the kind of opportunities to either kick traditional cigarettes to the kerb in favour of these more practical alternatives.

Depending on which media sources you read, e-cigs have a wide range of pros and cons. There are sceptics who believe e-cigs are a gateway to traditional smoking and believe there is a substantial risk to young people who are attracted to new forms of technology. They think the young will overlook potential health risks and take up vaping or even traditional smoking just so they’re “on trend”.

There are studies however, that suggest e-cigs are a great alternative to traditional smoking, with only a fraction of the health risks. Still, some people argue there is not enough research available to say either way.

While concerns about electronic cigarettes are valid, especially in terms of whether or not they are likely to lead to more people taking up smoking, the available data related to the health benefits leads us to believe that vaping is considerably safer than smoking. Furthermore, there is no data to support the argument that vaping leads to smoking.

It’s important to note that when traditional cigarettes were first put on sale in the UK, people weren’t aware of the health risks or the possible addiction to nicotine. They were actually marketed by dentists and doctors to people of all ages. It was unusual for people not to smoke.

In recent times we’ve become much more aware of the health risks associated to smoking, we’re even taught about it in school. As such, youngsters are already much more aware of nicotine addiction than we ever were, along with the many other harsh chemicals used in today’s society. The next generation are paving the way for a healthier lifestyle and setting an example for their elders to follow.

Electronic cigarettes are helping ex-smokers and those looking to quit smoking. More than half of the current 2.9 million e-cigarette users have since given up traditional smoking. These figures are outstanding. Ecigs continue to grow in popularity, but it’s mainly traditional smokers who’re seeing vaping as a gateway to quitting rather than newcomers to smoking. It’s the various flavoured liquids and different nicotine strengths that are encouraging traditional smokers to make the swap. Especially since they can continue their habit but scale down to zero nicotine eliquid – Dinner Lady E-Liquids at Ecigwizard is a great example.

For smokers, being able to put an e-cig in their pocket or handbag is a far more attractive option than cigarettes which, as we all know, are expensive and smell terrible. With the more “sociably friendly” fragrances emitted by e-cigs vaping has become a much more sociably acceptable thing to do than smoking. Furthermore, there is no direct reason why

anyone would choose to move from an electronic cigarette to a traditional one, especially if they do not enjoy smoking the traditional styles and the rigid strengths and flavours.

By vaping, users have the control over the flavour and the strength of the nicotine enabling them to reduce the amount, and the cravings, should they ever wish to quit smoking completely. If they find that they are missing the habit, something that many genuinely suffer with after quitting smoking, then they have the option with e-cigs to smoke nicotine-free e-liquids by vaping until they no longer need the fix.

As such it has to be said that there is no reason why an e-cig could be associated as a gateway to traditional smoking – It’s actually the opposite.

This article was written by Oliver Warburton, Director of Ecigwizard.co.uk


  1. I have to say, I love the cola vape. I think if I'd never been a smoker, had I tried a vape first, I don't believe it would tempt me into traditional cigarettes. I think it's a great way to cut down and slowly stop or go cold turkey by replacing traditional with vapes. As you say, you can control the levels of nicotine or even nicotine free if you should prefer. :)

    1. Exactly. And my mum, who started smoking when she was 18 and is now, a few years older than that 😉, took to vaping last year and has no gone from a 30 a day habit, to not smoking at all, not even vape any more either x

  2. Kayleigh Watkins10:25

    I think they can be a good thing, but I know friends who have replaced smoking with vaping as its cheaper rather than to quit, also my 12 year old son has friends in school who have never smoked but now use vapes as they think it is cool, I also worry in a few years there will be health implications with them, as with most things its over long term use and they haven't been out long enough to really know yet, I know they have been tested but is anything really safe xxx

  3. I think they are definitely a good thing to help to quit but I don't think they would be more appealing to kids than cigarettes would be.

  4. Would love to try to get on to these but also have a here bad sides

  5. My son in law who has never smoked uses the non zero type but must admit some of the flavours smell lovely

  6. Anonymous13:48

    I don't think they are a gateway because those with an addictive nature are going to start smoking anyway.

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