Visiting All The Countries In The UK

I love the UK. It's like, going from county to county and seeing so much difference. Growing up, I've always lived in England and have visited Scotland maybe a handful of times, but never the other 2 countries on the UK - Wales and Northern Ireland.

As my children get older, I want to make sure that they get to visit all of the amazing places that we have on our doorstep in the UK and my husband has especially always wanted to visit Northern Ireland. 

I want to see the different places. The different cultures. The accents, and even different languages too. To show the children that the UK isn't just England, but there are 4 amazing countries that we are to be proud of. 

Obviously Northern Ireland will be the most difficult to get to as it means booking up flights and then organising everything from there. Although this would be an amazing way for the boys to go on their first flights. 

But I've been looking at minibus hire so that we can travel to both Wales and Scotland, and have space for all of us, and space for bikes, pushchairs and everything else that a big family of 5 needs to take with them on their travels. 

For me though, Scotland stands out. I see all of these stunning photos online of the lochs up there and just want to be there - in the tranquil locations. I thought we could start off in one of the main cities and then use coach hire Glasgow to get us around and for the long drives up to the Highlands. 

I really cannot wait to put our plan in motion and are hoping to start off our travels during the school holidays and take an extended break up to Scotland. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip, I know I'm biased but Wales is absolutely beautiful, so many beautiful beaches and scenic countryside xxx

  2. We have visited Wales quite a few times and have had some lovely holidays there especially Llandudno and Tenby.

  3. Really need to see more of our beautiful country - thanks for the inspiration