Top Tips For Visiting Canada With Kids

As every parent knows, organising a family holiday takes a lot of effort and planning. Gone are the carefree days of heading off at a moment’s notice. Canada is an increasingly popular destination for UK families and has loads to offer kids in a beautiful and safe environment. There is so much choice that it can be a little overwhelming so it is important to plan ahead and choose the type of holiday that will suit your family.

Before you go you will need to get a Canadian eta and arrange adequate travel and health insurance for all the family. It is very common for kids to get ill when travelling and so this is vital for your peace of mind and for their safety. Packing is another concern and there is no such thing as travelling light when you have kids! The items that you take with you will depend on which of the following types of holiday you choose to book.

Beach holidays in Canada
For a Canadian family beach holiday, you cannot get better than Prince Edward Island. Towering red sandstone cliffs lead down to miles of untouched beaches and don’t forget the famous Anne of Green Gables. A must-visit natural phenomenon for kids is the "singing sands" at Basin Head. Kids can spend hours scuffing their feet on the sand and listening to the squeaky sounds emitted due to the high silica content. Prince Edward Island National Park is another favourite for families. This child-friendly destination even has pushchair-accessible boardwalks so that the smallest members of the family can get up close to the wildlife in the sand dunes.

Water sports at Manitoba
If you have older kids and teens you need a holiday with adventure and activities. Head to the heart of Canada, the "Land of 100,000 Lakes". Here the whole family can try out a range of water-based activities including kayaking, rafting, and fishing. Make the trip totally unforgettable with a canoe ride down Caddy Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. You can paddle through amazing tunnels carved into the rock. 

If your little ones are into wildlife they will adore a whale-watching boat tour which are operate out of Churchill. Not only can you see huge beluga whales, you can listen to them on a special hydrophone-equipped boat.

Nature spotting in Alberta
It is so important to teach our children about the importance of preserving nature and protecting the natural world. Alberta is a wonderful place to do that. Canada’s western province is where you will find the Canadian Rockies and vast expanses of beautiful wilderness such as the Banff and Jasper National Parks. Kids will not be able to contain their excitement as they spot black bears, moose, and elk. They will be enjoying themselves so much on the wildlife hikes that they won’t realise that they are having a valuable nature lesson! The highlight has to be the Columbia Icefield glacier walk, where kids can ride on snow trucks with monster-size tires.

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