Top 5 Popular Home Improvement Projects

Improving your home is something most people get around to sooner or later. It not only enhances the environment you live in, but adds value to your property. From replacing an existing kitchen with a more modern alternative, to giving the living room a new lick of paint, there are plenty of home improvements we can do to improve the condition, look and functionality of our homes. 

Balustrade Components, specialists in supplying high quality fittings and fixtures for balustrades, explores the top five popular home improvement projects homeowners embark on to give their home a stylish makeover.

Replacing Old Balustrades
Worn out heavy wood railings, or panels on our landings and stairs, that have been there for years and repainted time and again, could do with being given the heave ho. What about clear glass balustrades? They are, modern and easy to keep maintained. They can be assembled much quicker than a large new wood project. Modern materials are tough and able to withstand hard knocks, they are also very simple to keep clean, and retain their freshness for many years. The new look will transform your home. Balustrade Components who are providers of quality fittings say that “You provide the concept and we can turn it into reality.

There are two rooms in most houses that always come out on top of surveys, when the question is asked, ‘what room would you most like to improve?’ The kitchen is number one.

These days a lot of chrome and glass are used, crisp lines of silver pans, hanging racks of cooking utensils, glass fronted cabinets and even glass tables; the emphasis is on clean functional lines, sometimes less is more. Some kitchens even become part of the house or double tier. This would also provide opportunity to incorporate glass or stainless steel partitions or balustrades.

A large percentage of the population, now live in apartments, alongside others. If you are above the ground floor, it is more than likely that you will have a balcony, even if it is small. A good project would be to revamp it, after all it should be a place where you can relax, breath some air, or have a smoke and even talk to your neighbour. The natural inclination is to put a few pot plants out there, so why not consider a clear tough glass front, to show them off to the world.

In this busy modern world, step in showers are now more popular than the old bath tub. Some bathrooms incorporate everything together, without the need for separation walls for different functions. Glass panels would be a unique feature to segment up the room without losing light. Many homes have underutilized spaces such as broom cupboards, what about a second toilet?

Natural wooden patios and steps in your garden would work well with metal, glass and natural stone, these components all add a touch of refinement. Designers are always playing off these types of materials against each other. Outdoor living spaces are now in vogue, being seen as a further extension of your interior rooms. If these projects are done well then they definitely add value to your investment. They can include the traditional barbeque area and eating arrangements, but now there is a vast selection of comfortable and natural all weather furniture.

Quick tips
Clear out a basement as a games room, or at the other end of the house, convert the attic to a bedroom. You can turn these spaces into a compact living area for a prospective tenant.

Take time to think about what you want to achieve from your improvement project. Consider careful before starting any scheme, work out your costs, and the time it will take to complete. Speak to experts who can put you wise to what is possible and available. Sit down and draw up plans, if necessary get a professional to look them over. Many companies offering materials will no doubt have the means to computer generate specific details for your unique spaces.

Creativity and imagination is what keeps everything fresh in a property’s interior, without it design and the world in general would be very jaded. With a little creativity and interior design know-how, you can transform the most mundane or living space into one thriving with originality. 

This blog was supplied by Balustrade Components, which have a full listing of all accessories needed if you are considering glass or metal panels in any of your intended home improvement projects.

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