Looking Through Our Top Holiday Moments

Last week, we spent the whole wee at the coast in Scarborough and during this time I managed to capture a whole range of photos of us all, and the surroundings around us. From playing on the beach and having fun, to family shots and unspoilt views. 

I do love taking photographs and although I'm no professional (taking them all on my iPhone!) I do love to try ad set the scene to get them looking just right. Instagram worthy indeed!

Beach photos are a favourite of mine. Looking out over the ocean, with no one else in sight. Go at dusk and you get the most amazing lighting to work with, and can capture some of my best shots from there.

Other photos might have an amazing view, but don't necessarily bring good memories. Take this photo of our boat ride below, for example. Now, we have been out to sea before and always loved it. This time though, the weather was a little off and the sea was rough. Cue C and myself being absolutely petrified from the get go. 

In the end, the sea did calm and we managed to walk on deck and see the beautiful views, but that was after C had thrown up on me. Good job I'd brought a change of clothes eh!

Originally, I started this blog as a way to keep all of our memories in one place. Showing off the children growing up, and the places we visit. It very quickly became much more than that and now it's hard to keep a balance of things and so I have to think of other ways to keep ahold of memories. 

One way to keep a memory of these moments is to capture them, and then have them printed onto a canvas or even a photobook. I love the look of photobooks, such as this one - www.truprint.co.uk/personalised-gifts/photo-book - as it gives the option to store 10's, if not 100's of photos, all in one place. Like a photo album that you don't need to sort out yourself. 

For now though, I just need to work my way through to 2k photos that I took on holiday to then have to go through the hard task of working out which ones will be made into canvasses, photobooks, ones that are Instagram worthy and ones for the blog!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time, your boys smiles say it all xxx