Jamie's Italian Super Lunch Menu Review

I love eating out and try to do it as much as possible. It would usually consist of finding somewhere that serves reasonable food in a speedy time so that the kids didn't get bored and kick off. Now they're all in school and pre-school though, it gives the husband and I a bit more time to enjoy meals out together. 

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Jamie's Italian Leeds Restaurant to give their food the once over. It's somewhere we've always said we'd try but that we'd never got chance to in the past so we really couldn't wait to get there.

We arrived to the absolutely stunning building and their decor just fitted it perfectly. A very run down type look, shabby-chic I guess. I didn't personally like the amount of things that were on sale. Every nook and cranny stored another chopping boards, sauces, pastas, and more, that you could purchase and this was a little off putting for me. I mean, I'm here to dine, not to shop. 

I put that aside and we were shown to our table. The waiting staff here are amazing and showed us all of the menus and what was available, including specials. Taking our drinks order, she left us be whilst we perused the menus.

Now, we were here to try out the Super Lunch Menu which is a smaller menu but at great prices. You can have two courses for £11.95 or three courses for £13.95 and this is available Monday-Friday, 12-6pm. I thought this was a great deal and so we checked out the menu and picked out what we wanted to try. 

For starters, I went with the Tomato Bruschetta which has slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, whipped ricotta, basil & extra virgin olive oil. The flavours were amazing and the slow-roasted tomatoes were bursting with flavour. 

My husband had the Fritto Misto. This is crispy fried sustainable fish & squid tossed in fennel-spiced flour with garlic & lemon aioli. He mentioned that the squid was cooked just right. No chewy parts in sight and he finished off the whole plate. 

Then it came time for our mains. I chose the Wild Garlic Spaghetti because I absolutely adore garlic. And to say I was disappointed was an understatement. They mention that it's freshly made spaghetti tossed through a Genovese-style combo of wild garlic pesto, green beans & new potatoes, finished with extra virgin olive oil, but there just didn't seem to be much of a taste of garlic at all. The spaghetti was also all stuck together in clumps too. I mean, this is an Italian, so pasta should be an easy make. 

My husband on the other hand, had the Gennaro's Chicken Club - Brioche stuffed with chargrilled, marinated free-range chicken, crispy pancetta, spicy ‘nduja mayo, fontal cheese, tomato and rocket. This looked absolutely divine and he mentioned that it was so flavoursome. It was a pitty that it didn't come with a side of chips, these were purchased separately, but I guess they have to cut out some things to be able to offer them at the Super Lunch price. 

For dessert, the Epic Chocolate Brownie was the top of my list. Rich chocolate sauce, salted caramel popcorn gelato & caramelised popcorn all on top of a sumptuous piece of brownie. It was amazing. The brownie was so oozie and so chocolatey, whilst the popcorn gave it another texture and complemented the flavour great. 

My husband went for the Tiramisu which is just the best Italian dessert you can get. It's their take on the classic coffee-flavoured sponge, mascarpone & chocolate. Now my husband did say that it was amazing, that the coffee was so strong, and the mascarpone just cut through this to give it a divine taste. But the presentation of this was a little off. Just stuck in a bowl that was too small for it, no thought with it whatsoever. 

Overall, it was a pleasant meal. Okay, there were a few points that could have been improved, but I do think it was worth trying it out. For the Super Lunch Menu prices I was happy to pay for this food, but if it had been the main menu, full prices, I would have been a bit miffed at the quality. 


  1. The food looks amazing! I've wanted to try Jamie's for a while as Italians is one of my favourites! So sorry your pasta wasn't up to scratch but the starter and dessert look like they definitely made up for it!

  2. Mmm... I love Italian food and think it's fun to make too Your puds look amazing

  3. Oh wow the restaurant looks very welcoming with a good atmosphere, and the food looks absolutely divine, I love Italian dishes xxx