How To Get Free Makeup And Beauty Products

Living on a shoestring budget doesn't mean you have to give up the little pleasures of being a woman. You can pamper yourself and look your best without spending any money.

Free makeup may sound like a nice perk to some, but to beauty junkies, this can make the difference between a normal life and bankruptcy. Beauty-obsessed women are always going to spend their last dime on the latest liquid lipstick, the newest eye shadow palette or the latest revolutionary cream that can help her fight the first signs of aging. This leads to a situation in which the makeup bags of these girls are overflowing with lipsticks, blushes and other products, while their wallets are empty.

These girls know the price of their addiction, but some of them have no idea they can get lots of cosmetics for free. Many reputable brands offer free makeup throughout the year, so you may never have to buy such products again. These freebies aren't just samples you can only use for one week or so. They are full size lipsticks, facial masks, creams and serums.

Free M.A.C. Lipstick
If you've run out of money and of M.A.C. cosmetics at the same time, you may want to know that you can exchange your empty M.A.C. beauty products for a free lipstick in your favorite color. The Back-to-M.A.C. program intends to protect the environment, but it also protects your wallet.

Free Lush Face Masks
Your garbage may contain gold nuggets. For instance, the 5-Pot Program launched by Lush Cosmetics allows you to exchange five empty pots of cosmetic products for one of their Fresh Face Masks. This will be good for the environment, as well as for your skin.

Free Lancôme Products
Lancôme's Elite Rewards program is one of the sensational news that should feed our social media addiction. This program rewards you with 50 points each time you interact with the brand via your favorite social media channels. If you provide them your birth date and your contact details, you'll win 100 more points. Every 10 dollars you spend on their products will bring you 10 additional points. This means you won't have to wait for long until you'll be able to claim your free Lancôme products, spa services and other freebies offered by their VIP partners. Who wouldn't "like" them on their social media channels?

Free Yves Saint Laurent Makeup
High-end brands aren't different from regular ones when it comes to treating their clients with freebies. By becoming a YSL Beauty Blackbook member, you automatically qualify for receiving a free Volupte Tint-In-Oil lip gloss sample. All you need to do is to sign up for their newsletter emails. In addition, you'll get a nice full-size, personalized product on your birthday. For each of your orders, you're going to get two free samples.

Using Freebie Sites And What To Look Out For!

Why would I sign up for another free email account or phone number?
Most brands require you to sign up for their newsletter, in order to send you their freebies. If you collect five freebies a day, you may end up with a bunch of email addresses you don't actually need. I have a separate email address I use for all these freebies. I barely check it, as I know there's nothing of interest in that inbox. Both gmail.com and Hotmail.com offer free email accounts. If you visit sites like WOW FreeStuff they make it easier for you, they update their site with all types of freebies daily.

Why Would Anyone Give Away Free Samples?
Big brands spend millions on TV and outdoor advertising, only to get to your top of mind. Why not use a tiny bit of their marketing budget to let you experience their products first hand? They all know that once you like a freebie, there are great chances that you're going to buy the product later on.

Why Would I Sign Up For A Tiny Sample?
Many free samples come with valuable coupons you can use on your future purchases. This is something most brands do when they enter a market. You get to use that tiny sample, while also getting a very juicy discount on a full size product. This is something worth signing up for, so you shouldn't ask yourself this question anymore. It's always worth investing a few minutes of your life for getting free or heavily discounted


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