Hazards Associated With Using E-cigarettes Around Children

The general public is very well informed and knowledgeable regarding the dangers of smoking tobacco around children and babies. However, few parents and adults know if any dangers exist related to smoking e-cigarettes. The relevant question that you need to ask is whether it safe for you to use an e-cigarette around your kids as wells as what they safety aspects are regarding other people using it when your children are around.

Although research on the subject is unconfirmed, some risks have already been associated with secondhand e-cigarette vapor. So before you pull out your e-cigarette, consider the following facts and health hazards that it could have for your children:

1. What Is Vaping And How Do E-cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes, vaporisers, vape pens, cigalikes - whichever name you prefer to use, the mechanism is the same. The process involves heating a flavored e-liquid that may or may not contain varying levels of nicotine into a vapour that is then inhaled. The vapour is the reason that this is called vaping rather than smoking.

2. What Are The Dangers Associated With Vaping?

Although numerous different types and brands of e-cigarettes have been around for over a decade, the industry only became regulated in May of last year by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. The regulations include:

· The sale of e-cigarettes to minors under the age of 18 years is illegal.

· Manufacturers must be granted FDA permission to sell both the mechanisms and e-liquid products.

· Every ingredient used in the manufacturing process must be listed on the product label.

3. How To Protect Your Children From Secondhand Vapor From E-cigarettes?

As it is still not illegal to smoke e-cigarettes in public, it can be nearly impossible to prevent being exposed to secondhand vaping. However, there are some steps that you can personally take to limit their exposure:


The most effective way to protect your kids is to quit vaping. Even though the vapor may contain nicotine, there simply is no evidence to suggest that it can assist with quitting smoking. Some research shows the diverse opposite - that it can be even more difficult to quit while vaping.

While vaping is not as addictive as smoking, it can still be difficult to kick the habit. Keep in mind that you are doing it for the health of your kids as well as your own health and perhaps preventing them from picking up a smoking or vaping habit of their own in the future.

Just like quitting smoking, there are a variety of different resources available to assist you and support you through the process. Contact your GP or other medical practitioner to find out more and discuss the following products and aids:

NRP or Nicotine Replacement Therapy - There are a variety of nicotine gums, sprays, inhalers, lozenges and patches that will minimize your cravings for smoking and vaping.

Prescription Medication - Your doctor can prescribe drugs like Zyban or Chantix, however there are side effects to these medications and they are not safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A Vape-Free Environment - Only use your e-cigarette when your kids are not in the vicinity. Ban smoking and vaping in the home and car, even if the kids aren't around.

Safety and Security - Store your vaping equipment out of reach of children, preferably locked away. Dispose of the product according to the manufacturer's instructions.

No Smoking Signs - Only frequent restaurants and other public areas where "No Smoking" signs are displayed. Your kids are exposed to secondhand smoke even when you are not sitting in the smoking section.

Vetting - Vet your childminders, tutors and other childcare providers to ensure that they are non-smokers or that they will agree to not smoke around the children.

Education - Teach your children that smoking and vaping is harmful to their health and that they should avoid being around people who smoke or vape. 

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  1. I agree it is still uncertain as it is fairly new, the smoke still contains nicotine just like cigarette smoke, and as I commented on your other post relating to e cigs, a few of my friends have swapped it for smoking as its cheaper rather than to quit xxx