Getting My Workout On With DW Sports

Over the past couple of months, I've been getting more and more serious about my fitness levels. I started going to the gym and am eating better. Okay, I've not quite put the chocolate down, but I'm eating better than I did before, and more in moderation, so you know, it all helps eventually. 

But going to the gym has been one of my favourite things to do. I thought it would end up feeling like a chore and I'd hate going, but it's so exhilarating. It feels like I've finally been given some 'me time' back, especially so now that the littlest has started pre-school. 

Now before we get in to this post, let me explain. My husband is absolutely useless at taking photos, and I hate my photo being taken, so you might find that it's been let loose with some quite funny poses here on out!

So, DW Sports offered to send me some items out so I could get my gym on in some perfect gym clothing. I checked around their site and picked out a nice training top, some capri leggings and a pair of shorts for good measure. 

Firstly, you might notice that none of these photos include the shorts. Well that's because I wanted to get some nice shots on the beach but C decided to chuck up on me whilst I was wearing them so you know, well no one wants to see those photos!

Just to mention them though, they were these Reebok Gymana Shorts and let me tell you, they are the perfect running shorts. Built for breathability and mobility, they are slim fit and wear close to the body so they move with you during exercise. The Speedwick Technology wicks sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and dry, and the mesh details in key sweat zones helps to cool you off during exercise. 

Moving on from the shorts, I next picked out this Reebok Gymana Tank Top. It comes in either Pacific Purple or Black and I chose the purple just to add a little colour to my workouts. So again, like the shorts, it has Speedwick Technology to keep you dry and comfortable but it also has ACTIVChill mesh on the back for heat control.

The leggings I chose were these Puma Essential 3/4 Leggings which have a control band around the top to help support the tummy area. They're a tight fit so hold to you as you exercise and have loads of movement so don't inhibit any workouts. 

So, there you have it, some awesome gym clothing from DW Sports, awkward photos and all!


  1. I am the same, due to health issues, i have now got to eat healthier, exercise and in general sort myself out, i exercise in a pair of track suit bottoms and tee, till i lose more weight and look a bit better

  2. Live those leggings. Looks like juat the stuff I need

  3. Have decided to get my body into shape and love these clothing options.

  4. Loving that you choose the beach for your exercise session, the sand makes you work even harder! Mich x

  5. I haven't heard of these but I really like your 3/4 leggings, I enjoyed going to the gym before having my third child four months ago, I can't wait to get back to it when I have some free time xxx