Attic Conversion | The Planning Stages

A few month ago I wrote about how we are converting our attic into a master bedroom and since then a lot has happened to help us on our way. We've had plans drawn up and sent off and I've also had the most important job of scouring Pinterest for the most amazing designs that we probably can never afford, to  make the space into our very own bedroom. 

Now these planning stages aren't just about sending off the drawing to planning, but also about trying to work out how we can successfully convert the attic, making the most of all the available space whilst making sure it does end up looking like a bedroom once finished and not just a dark and dingy attic. 

There are two main factors that we need to sort out before we can even start thinking about the aesthetics of the place - insulation and light. There's nothing worse than having a cold and dull bedroom. I'm a lover or brightness and so need my room to be light and airy whilst also keeping in heat during the colder months of the year. 

We've checked out the ultimate guide to roof and loft insulation by OVO Energy. Loft insulation is so important as nearly a quarter of the heat in the home is lost through the roof, so fitting insulation in your attic or roof space is a great way to improve your home's cosiness factor. It's also a great way to save energy as it keeps all the heat locked in the home rather than floating away into the atmosphere. 

For us, we are going for both types of insulation - laid between the joists which will make up the floor of our bedroom once completed, and in the rafters too. And even though this is an upfront cost, in the long run it will save us money as it will lower our heating bills and also, having insulation increases the value of a house so if we ever did come to sell, we'd be quids in!

Having a bright bedroom is so important to me. I want to be able to go up there and lay on the bed whilst day dreaming, seeing the sun through the windows and being a peace with myself. On the other hand to this, I hate having any sort of light shining through when I'm trying to sleep. I end up in a bit of a predicament as I want it light during the day, and pitch black at night. 

This means that it's paramount that I have some very good quality blinds to shut off any lights during the evening and night. VELUX products are well know to have some of the best window blinds available in a whole range of colours and designs, whilst also having the blackout feature to them to stop that pesky sun from breaking through. 

At the moment, even though we're waiting to hear back from planning before we can do anything, it seems like everything is speeding through and that we'll be there in no time, with all that space, just for us!


  1. How exciting!! I love home projects! Can't wait to see how this turns out....I'll bet it's going to be amazing! x

  2. I would love to do this! How exciting. I look forward to seeing the finish. xx

  3. Sounds like a lot of hard work, but totally worth it in the end, can't wait to see how it goes, I like light and bright rooms too, nothing worse than a dark dank room xxx