Top 5 Exercise For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

It is part of the course that you will gain a few pounds in pregnancy. With a healthy and varied diet, as well as remaining as active as possible during pregnancy combined with plenty of rest will all help to keep your weight in check.

Many women worry about losing the post-baby weight. The good news is that post-baby weight gain is not here to stay. Take a look at these top five exercises from HARTMANN Direct for promoting weight loss once your baby has arrived.

#1 Get Walking
The right start to start exercising again will depend on your and the amount of time your body needs to heal. Don’t rush into exercising and always make sure you follow the advice of your midwife, health professional or doctor.

But a great exercise to start with is walking. In the first few weeks, take a stroll every now and then with baby in the buggy. Just enjoy the fresh air and being out and about. This will help your confidence, as well as promote healing.

Once you are healed and have been giving the green light to start exercising again, increase these walks to a daily occurrence if you can. On some days, take longer walks in time and distance, but on other days take a shorter walk but walk faster to burn a few extra calories.

#2 Yoga and/or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both excellent exercises no matter what you age or current fitness status. They are also perfect post-pregnancy to get back into shape, but getting fitter and toning too.

Yoga works different muscles and can be great for getting your pelvic floor back into shape after pregnancy and birth too.

Only attend classes run by a certified Yoga or Pilates instructor, and don’t over face yourself by joining an advanced class before you are ready.

There are different types of yoga classes too, so try out a few beginner classes and see which suit you. There are also classes available for pregnant women and for ladies after birth.

#3 Swim
Swimming is a great activity for exercising the body without placing undue stress on joints. Start back nice and gently, with a few laps of the pool working your way up to short bursts of several laps as fast as you can.

Like walking, vary the exercise that you do so that vary the muscle groups you use and increase cardio-workout too.

If you find swimming up and down the pool a bit boring, there are other forms of water exercise that work really well;

· Aquaerobics – loads of fun, aerobics in water is a great way to increase resistance creating a great work out.

· Swim with baby sessions – many leisure centres and hotel pools hold swimming sessions especially for parents and babies. A great way to up the activity in your day, it is also a great way to make friends with other parents.

· Wild swimming – swimming in groups in the sea, rivers or lakes is invigorating and great exercise. Get yourself a wetsuit and a hat, enjoy a refreshing dip with fellow enthusiasts.

#4 Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient practice. It combines deep breathing with deep, flowing exercises. Originally developed in 13th century China as a martial art, it is used today by people across the world as a means of exercise and relaxation.

Like yoga, there will be classes across your local area. You can take the classes at your own pace, picking up speed and depth of movement as you become more accustomed to this form of exercise.

Incredibly toning, it is also a form of exercise that can be practiced at home too. Some new mums use it to help them relax in an evening, whilst you can also practice your technique outside in the fresh air.

For when you are truly healed and ready to torch the calories take a look at HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is tipped to be the latest exercising trend in 2017.

There are many classes starting across the country with local gyms providing sessions not only in the gym but outside in the park, on the beach, lake side and so on.

The idea is that short bursts of high intensity training produces a cardio affect that burns calories efficiently. Using all kinds of different forms of exercise, it is a bit like circuit training but sexier.

Exercise and being out in the fresh air is essential for new parents and their new baby. For mum, it helps to keep post-natal depression in check, and can also be a great way to bond with your baby.

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