The Hilary Devey Collection Diamond Mattress Review

Now, I can hear you all saying that the title of this post is a very bold statement. I mean, we all have kids right, so getting any sleep at night is a miracle, but imagine diving in to your bed and being greeted by the most comfiest mattress that you have ever laid your pretty little head on. 

Well, that's me right now as I've been given the privilege of working with Hilary Devey Collection as they've sent me one of their supreme Diamond mattresses which is one of their finest, premium luxury mattresses. 

Brought to us by Duvalay, the Hilary Devey Collection offers affordable, five star luxury, with all their pieces being completely handmade in Yorkshire and full attention to detail to make sure that very edge of their side-stitched mattresses have enhanced support. 

The Hilary Devey Collection comprises of five premium mattresses, created with custom-blends of luxurious material to suit every comfort requirement. The range captures Hilary’s love of lavish glamour and luxury comfort. I decided to pick out the Diamond Mattress as it has been voted the number 1 best mattress by The Independent. 

Containing 2000 nested pocket springs, that individually sense your weight and shape to provide total body support & correct spinal alignment, and layers of the finest natural fillings the Hilary Devey Collection Diamond Mattress features a Summer side (cotton) and Winter side (cashmere and wool) to give that added luxury, no matter the time of year. 

There are several deep layers of natural fillings within this mattress, on both sides. These fillings are hand applied by the skilled people at Duvalay, and so you can be assured of consistency and durability from the fillings, as well as a heavenly feel of absolute luxury. These fillings include wool, cotton, silk and a wonderfully soft cashmere layer. 

On the mattress, there are handles on the sides to aid movement when required. These mattresses are turn-able and require flipping over once per season, although it's best to move it more frequently initially to make sure all of the fillings are getting used equally. In the care instructions, it mentions, turning, and flipping weekly for the first couple of month to make sure every part is used equally.

The sides have flag stitched handles on them to make manoeuvring the mattress around, and getting it into place on the bed, easier to do. All coming with the Hilary Devey logo throughout. I think this is a great addition to the mattress as having a super king is hard work, especially when it comes to making up the bed, and even worse when it comes to flipping said mattress, and so having the handles makes light work of pushing and pulling it to the correct place. 

After a few weeks wait whilst it was being handmade for us in Yorkshire, it arrived and I wasted no time in getting it on our bed and ready to sleep in, with a few photos taken along the way of course. Are you even a blogger if you don't make everyone stop what they're doing so you can snap away?!

The mattress was bigger than I thought it would be, nearly twice the size in height in fact, and so firm too. My husband had spinal surgery a few years back so always opts for a high quality, firm mattress and even he couldn't believe the quality of this mattress.

The first night on a new mattress is always the hardest, as it's when everything can fail miserably or fit into place and make you sleep well. Well, luckily for us, it was the latter and it was seriously the best nights sleep I've had in a long time.

When you're surviving off 4-6 hours sleep a night, as the toddler just doesn't seem to like sleep, it's important that the bed is perfect and does give you all the comfort you need to get those precious zzz's whilst you can.

It seems a shame to have to cover it up with a sheet and duvet after all that hard work has gone in to it, but let's just say that this is one review that I will be shouting about. Okay, the mattress is more expensive than what I would usually go for, but as they say (who are they?!), you get what you pay for, and that is certainly true for the Hilary Devey Collection Diamond Mattress.

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  1. Oh this sounds like the perfect mattress, we have a one that came with our bed and I want a new one as I keep waking with a sore back. Totally agree a comfy mattress and good night sleep is so important when you have little ones who won't sleep, my two year old still wakes during the night too x

  2. This sounds like a heavenly mattress. We have struggled for years to find one that we both find comfortable. We are looking to buy a new one soon as ours is now 8 years old. We will definitely be looking at this brand as a real contender.

  3. Oh fab to hear the mattress is even good for your husband who had surgery. I'll check this brand out, thanks. Mich x

  4. Oh my gosh that bed looks so comfortable! You cannot beat a good quality mattress and fresh sheets x

  5. It looks so comfortable, there's nothing worse than a bad mattress! I love your bed too :)

  6. That looks so comfy! Nothing like the luxury of a new mattress is there?!

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  9. It's a struggle finding the right one maybe I really should give these one a try
    They do seem ok Thanks for showing

  10. This looks so comfy, we have just moved home and need a new bed after Christmas, I would love something like this, I love the headboard xXx

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