Packing Light For The Summer Holidays With Simply Be

In a few weeks we'll be packing up and going to the coast for a week so lately I've been slowly collecting stuff ready for everything to be packed. What's hard though, as a mum to 3 children, is packing everything we need but having a limited amount of space to do so. 

We go by train so only have enough spare hands to take the pram and then one big case, sometimes a little holdall too, and so it's these times that I realise just how much stuff we do actually use and start trying to utilise the clothing I have to swap and change so that I can easily make different outfits out of a few pieces of clothing. 

So when I was asked by Simply Be, to check out their holiday clothing range, I got set to work trying to find some summer outfits that wouldn't take up the whole case. 

After much browsing and many mind changes, I picked out a floral strappy top, a brightly striped beach shirt and a pack of three camisoles to wear on the top half. For the bottoms I picked a pair of white cropped jeggings, some knee length denim shorts and then a pair of Sole Diva mules for the feet. 

I actually think I did quite well with picking out items here, and it cost less than £100 for everything which, when I can make so many different outfits from them, I think is god value. So, the 3 pack of camisole was one of my favourite picks as all three tops were different colours, navy, blue and pink, so that I could pick and choose which I wanted to wear and match them to what bottoms I was wearing at the time. 

The floral cami top is also a nice change up with a bit of pattern, and I do love anything floral. Plus, it flares from the bust so cover the old mum-tum which is always a big plus in my book. To add a little colour though, the stripy beach shirt is perfect. It's a longline shirt so covers just the right amount and could be fastened if needs be, or even worn like a dress with a nice belt to pull it in at the waist. I love it with a nice plain camisole underneath though. 

And then, turning to the bottoms, both are great as they are stretchy material so are so comfortable to wear. The cropped jeggings grip just in the right places and the material is nice and thin so as to be a lovely wear whilst strolling on the beach.

To be honest, I'm not usually in to denim shorts as they're usually those short-short types which just don't work for me. These ones are knee length though which are great for me and look so much better too. 

My final pick, the Sole Diva Leather Mules, work so well with every outfit I picked out and look great for summer. They are also so super comfy to wear too. I think I've done well with picking out so many outfits and now cannot wait for our coastal holiday to come round so that I can show them all off. 


  1. I could tell the selection was a success and you look amazing in that dress. I love the color and details. Sounds like it was an amazing.

  2. I love these outfits they do look light, but colourful and summery at the same time, I've never shopped with simply be but will definitely be looking closer to summertime xxx

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