Going Floral This Summer

It's no secret that I love colourful clothing. I mean, around 90% of my wardrobe is bright, or pastel, or a colour or some shade that's not black or white. I actually have hardly any plain clothing as I adore colour too much. 

For summer though, my love of colour goes further as I opt for floral clothing. I adore floral designs, whether or big, or small patterns, I just love how they can make almost any outfit summery. 

Usually, I would pick out a few Maxi Dresses, some skater dresses and then a couple of nice blouses, all floral, and all bright, and then alternate them throughout the summer. That's what I love about floral prints. You can mix them up with different colours from within the design and craft your very own style out of them. 

I decided to have a look around and pick out some of my favourite styles. Now, Maxi Dresses are a personal favourite because they can have beautiful patterns, thin material to keep you cool in the heat, and they also cover up my milk-bottle white legs so that I don't have to bother fake tanning, or shaving!

I think it doesn't always have to be about the dresses though. Playsuits and jumpsuits are perfect for someone like me who is carrying a little extra cushion (No more having to worry about chub-rub!) and even beautiful floral kaftans are perfect for wearing whilst you stroll along the beach too. 

No matter what I decide to pick out for our forthcoming holiday, I know one thing: it'll be covered in big, bold and colourful flowers!


  1. Ohh! They are just gorgeous. Everything you have chosen is fab. I do love a maxi dress in the summer x